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Viqua (Trojan) UVMax Pro10 UV Sterilizer (Part #650647)

NSF/ANSI 55 Class A validated for flow rates up to 10 GPM for regulated whole house and commercial applications - featuring 2-year lamp life, UV intensity monitor, cooling system, true flow-based dose monitoring, and LightWise technology to save energy and prevent sleeve fouling

Viqua UVMax Pro10 UV Sterilizer
(NSF55 Class A Validated)
Part #650647

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Viqua UVMax Pro10 UV Sterilizer<br>(NSF55 Class A Validated)<br>Part #650647

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Description, Features & Benefits

NSF-55 Class A ValidatedViqua's Pro series UV sterilizers are arguably the most advanced residential / light commercial UV sterilizers currently available on the market. They are packed with technology designed to eliminate many of the common problem with competitors' NSF-55 Class A validated UV sterilizers while providing the highest possible level of UV dose monitoring for true peace-of-mind operation and regulatory compliance.

The Viqua (formerly Trojan) UVMax Pro10 is the smallest member of Viqua's revolutionary Pro Series product line. It is independently certified by NSF to a maximum flow rate of 10 gallons per minute at a UV dose of at least 40mJ/cm2.

The Pro10 is a full featured unit offering convenient color-coded plug & play connections, a sophisticated UV intensity monitor, innovative high-output amalgam lamps with 2 year service life, dynamic flow restrictor, true UV dose monitoring incorporating UV intensity and flow rate data, built-in cooling system, and a host of other performance and convenience features designed to make installation, operation, and maintenance as simple as possible.

The Pro10 is suitable for the treatment of private wells and surface water supplies, as well as municipal water for those seeking a higher level of confidence in the safety of the water supply. The Pro10 is well suited to typical residential and light commercial water treatment applications where a Class A NSF certified (Standard 55) model is desired or required by regulators. It is the industry's most popular UV sterilizer for regulated community point-of-entry water treatment treatment systems. It is also a very popular choice in executive homes, and light commercial applications including day cares, residential care homes, bed & breakfasts, restaurants, small resorts, lodges, and similar facilities.

For regulated applications requiring NSF-55 Class A validation, or when you want the very best UV sterilizer possible for your your treatment system!

UV disinfection is safe, effective, economical, and best of all, does not add undesirable chemicals to your water like chlorine or chloramine.

Wolrd Leading UV Brand
Industry leading brand you can trust...
  • World leader in UV water disinfection
  • Quality at an economical price
  • Made in Canada (Lamps Made in USA)
Advanced UV Dose Monitoring
Advanced UV dose monitoring...
  • Advanced UV intensity monitor
  • Dose monitoring incorporates flow rate
  • Reduced nuisance alarms
Two year lamp life
Amalgam lamp technology...
  • 2X the lamp life of competitors' systems
  • Compact size due to ultra high lamp output
  • Consistent UV output in varying temperatures
Intuitive UV Controller
Intuitive controller...
  • LED status lights to monitor all components
  • Consistent output in varying power conditions
  • Optional COMMCenter datalogger
Advanced temperature management
Advanced temperature management...
  • CoolTouch fan cooling system
  • Lightwise technology - lamp dimming saves energy
  • Air convection cooling
Simple Maintenance
Simple maintenance...
  • Simple annual lamp replacement
  • No tools lamp replacement
  • LightWise technology - reduced sleeve fouling

Viqua Pro Series Controller The Viqua Pro10 controller includes a unique and intuitive display with LED status lights that correspond to each component of the system. At a quick glace, the operator can identify the status of each component - green means all is good, orange means maintenance is required, and red means there is a fault. The controller automatically senses line voltage between 100 and 240 volts for consistent UV output and performance in varying electrical operating conditions.

The Pro10 uses Viqua's industry-leading amalgam lamp technology which offers up to double the lamp life of competitors' systems - 2 years! That means less maintenance and lower lamp costs over the life of the system. The amalgam lamps are also more stable thereby producing more consistent output at varying temperatures and over the life of the lamp.

The system continuously monitors the UV dose to ensure that the water is receiving an adequate dose of UV light to kill the bacteria, viruses, etc. The Pro10 takes UV dose monitoring to a new level by measuring both UV intensity and the flow rate of the water rather than simply assuming that the system is always running at full capacity. Accordingly, when the water flow rate is less than the system's capacity (which is the majority of the time), the system can use its excess treatment capacity to handle temporary reductions in UV transmittance that would cause nuisance alarms in competitors' UV systems. This technology represents one of the greatest advancements in UV performance monitoring that the residential/light commercial UV market has ever seen. NSF-55 Class A validated UV sterilizes are notorious for being very sensitive to decreases in UV transmittance because of the nature of the validation requirements. This technology greatly reduces nuisance UV intensity alarms.

Data from the system's flow meter is also used in the Pro 10's LightWise technology, which dims the UV lamp when the water is not flowing to save power, reduce heat built up and decrease sleeve fouling.

Pro Series Reduced Sleeve Fouling
Pro Series Power Savings

Combined with the LightWise technology, the CoolTouch fan system which is integrated into every Pro Series model, assists in system cooling during periods of inactive water use where conventional UV systems can often heat the water considerably as the water absorbs heat from the UV lamp. The CoolTouch fan thereby helps ensure maximum UV dose under all conditions.

Pro Series Temperature Reduction

An integrated flow restrictor is included with the unit to ensure that the maximum rated flow is never exceeded. The Pro10 features combination 1 inch female NPT / 1 1/4 inch male NPT inlet and outlet connection ports. The Viqua UVMax Pro10 can be equipped with an optional solenoid emergency shut-off kit, as often required by regulators. For more information on the emergency shut-off valve, CLICK HERE.

Optional Viqua COMMCenterOptional COMMCenter Data Logger - The optional COMMCenter provides real-time dosage and flow rate display so you an monitor the performance of your UV system. In addition to UV dose, the system displays current water flow rate, alarm history, lamp hours, and other performance parameters. Moreover, the COMMCenter can be installed just about anywhere - simply connect the COMMCenter to the sterilizer using a standard computer cable. The COMMCenter can also be connected directly to your computer where you can use Viqua's MAXtrack software to obtain real-time dose data, track alarm and dose history, etc. for any given period of time. This data logging capability allows operators to demonstrate proper system operation to regulators and consumers, provides troubleshooting insights, and allows for proactive maintenance. These features make the COMMCenter an excellent choice for commercial applications where dosage reporting and logging is desirable to prove compliance with health regulations. It also accepts standard mini-SD memory cards (same type used more many digital cameras, one is included with the COMMCenter) so you can download data and transfer to a computer so you can view and analyze the data in any standard spread sheet program. A single COMMCenter can monitor up to 9 UV systems simultaneously. The MAXtrack software can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website at no charge.

Not all UV systems are created equal...A good UV sterilizer is far more than a UV lamp in a tube. You rely on your UV sterilizer to protect the quality and safety of your drinking water and the health of your family and/or customers. You deserve the best insurance that you can buy for your money. Viqua and its parent company Trojan Technologies are literally the world leaders in UV water treatment technology. Their systems are backed by decades of bio-assay validation, computer-aided flow dynamics testing, and literally millions of dollars in lamp and ballast/power supply research and development. The result is a product that you can have confidence in to work when you need it.

Proper pre-treatment is important to ensure that your UV system performs at its best. See UV Pre-Treatment Requirements for details.

Why UV? - UV Advantages

UV water treatment offers many advantages for the treatment of microbiological contaminants like bacteria (including coliform and e.coli), viruses, molds, algae, yeast, and oocysts like cryptosporidium and giardia. Every year, these contaminants are responsible for thousands of serious illnesses due to the failure of city treatment plants or consumption of untreated well or surface water.

Unlike other disinfection options, UV sterilizers do not add any chemicals to the water, do not produce harmful by-products (THMs and HAs), and do not alter the taste, pH, mineral content, or other properties of the water. Accordingly, in addition to producing safe drinking water, UV disinfection is not harmful to your plumbing and septic system. Furthermore, it is easy and cost-effective to install and maintain without any special training.

UV sterilizers are one of the most popular and respected water treatment technologies in use today. They can be found in a wide range of water treatment applications ranging from simple under sink water filters to huge city water treatment plants.

Safe and effective UV
Safe and effective...
  • Treats bacteria including coliforms and e.coli
  • Treats very wide range of harmful viruses
  • Inactivates cryptosporidium and giardia
Chemical Free Water Disinfection
Chemical-free disinfection...
  • Absolutely no chemicals added
  • No disinfection by-products
  • Doesn't change taste or smell
Easy to Maintain
Easy to maintain...
  • Just clean the sleeve and replace the lamp once per year (or 2)
  • No tools maintenance
  • Low operating cost

With the infrastructure of cities all over North America crumbling under neglect and budget constraints, many customers have asked us if there was a product that they could add to their water system that would provide them with additional insurance and peace-of-mind against the possibility of a failure of their municipal water treatment system. These concerns have arisen due to several high-profile cases of contamination in city water supplies across the continent, some of which have resulted in illness and even death. UV disinfection is a great option to provide this extra level of insurance in your water supply.

Specifications & Operating Conditions - Viqua UVMax Pro10

Viqua UVMax Pro10 Features & Specifications
Manufacturer Part Number: 650650
Application: typical home up to 4 bathrooms, community POE systems, light commercial applications requiring NSF-55 Class A validation
Maximum Flow Rate (UV Dose > 40mJ/cm2)*: 10 GPM (37.9 LPM)
Validation: NSF/ANSI Standard 55, Class A
UV Intensity Monitor & Alarm System: Has Feature
Real-Time Flow-Based Dose Monitoring: Has Feature
LightWise Technology / Lamp Dimming: Has Feature
Amalgam Lamp Technology w/ Extended 2 Year Lamp Life: Has Feature
CoolTouch Cooling Fan: Has Feature
Capability to Support Emergency Solenoid Shut-Off Valve: Has Feature (solenoid kit sold separately)
Visual Power-on Indicator: Has Feature
Audible Lamp Failure Alarm with Mute: Has Feature
Lamp Replacement Reminder: Has Feature
Color-Coded Plug & Play Connections: Has Feature
Integrated Dynamic Flow Restrictor: Has Feature
RJ55 Communications Ports: Has Feature
Electropolished Exterior: Has Feature
No Tools Maintenance: Has Feature
COMMCenter Data Logger: Optional
Water Chamber Material: Stainless Steel (316)
Inlet/Oulet: Combination 1" FNPT / 1 1/4 MNPT
Electrical: 120-240v, 50/60HZ
Max. System Power (Watts): 120
Max. Lamp Power (Watts): 100
Replacement Lamp Part #: #602854
Replacement Quartz UV Sleeve Part #: #602974
Replacement Lamp/Sleeve Combo Part # (SAVE!): #602850-001
Replacement Controller Part #: #650709-003
Replacement UV Intensity Sensor #: 650580
Chamber Length: 22 inches / 54 cm
Chamber Diameter: 4 inches / 10 cm
Controller Size: 13 x 6.5 x 4 inches / (33 x 16.5 x 10 cm)
Installation: Vertical Only
Electrical Safety Certification: UL U.S. / Canada
Country of Manufacture: Made in Canada (Lamps Made in U.S.A.)
* NSF-55 Class A Validated UV dose based dosage of not less than 40 mJ/cm2, 70% UV transmittance (UVT), and end of lamp life. If your UV transmittance is less than 85%, we recommend that your pre-treatment be designed to address turbidity, organics, or other factors that are reducing the UVT. If you would like assistance in selecting appropriate pre-treatment or model for your conditions, please feel free to call us toll free at 1-866-376-2690.

Pre-Treatment Requirements

Minimum pre-filtration shall consist of a 5 micron sediment filter. All UV sterilizers required sediment pre-filtration to reduce or eliminate the possibility that a targeted contaminant could "hide" behind a sediment particle in the "shadow" of the UV light and therefore not receive a full dose of UV light. Accordingly, the manufacturer strongly recommends sediment pre-filtration down to a level of 5 microns or smaller.

Water exceeding 120 ppm in hardness (7 grains per gallon) should be softened or treated with a salt-free hard water conditioner to reduce the risk that hard water mineral scale will build-up on the UV sleeve thereby reducing UV light distribution into the UV chamber. Similarly, iron levels exceeding 0.3 ppm or manganese levels exceeding 0.05 ppm should also be treated to prevent staining of the UV sleeve.

Elevated levels of certain other contaminants, such as tannins, can cause a reduction in UV transmittance (the ability of the water to transmit UV light). If the UV transmittance (UVT) of your water is less than 85% after the above-mentioned pre-treatment, treatment is recommended to improve UV transmittance. The majority of deep wells have a UVT of 85% or greater. Surface water is more likely to contain organics and turbidity that reduce UVT.

We recommend that you have your water tested for the following parameters before selecting a UV sterilizer. Proper pre-treatment to ensure that your water meets these parameters will maximize the performance of your UV system. It will also reduce your maintenance requirements. If your conditions do not meet these parameters, please call us toll free at 1-866-376-2690 to discuss pre-treatment options or to discuss how the performance of your UV system will be affected.

Not sure about your feed water quality? We do free water testing to test for all of the parameters necessary to ensure proper operation of you UV sterilizer! Click Here for details!

Feed Water Quality Parameters
UV Transmittance (UVT): Minimum 75% (85%+ recommended)
Hardness: less than 120 ppm (7 grains per gallon)
Iron: less than 0.3 ppm (0.3 mg/L)
Manganese: less than 0.05 ppm (0.05 mg/L)
Maximum Water Temperature: 86F (30C)
Maximum Recommended Water Pressure: 90 psi
UVMax Pro10 Dose Curve

Replacement Parts and Popular Accessories

Pro10 Replacement Lamp/Sleeve Combo Part#: 602850-101

Pro10 Replacement Lamp/Sleeve Combo Part#: 602850-101

MSRP: CDN$435.00
Our Price: CDN$370.00
You save: $65.00

- More Info -

Pro10 Replacement Lamp

Pro10 Replacement Lamp <br>Part#:602854

MSRP: CDN$403.00
Our Price: CDN$343.00
You save: $60.00

- More Info -

Pro10 Replacement Sleeve

Pro10 Replacement Sleeve <br>Part#:602974

MSRP: CDN$103.00
Our Price: CDN$88.00
You save: $15.00

- More Info -

Sediment Prefilter Package
5 Micron - WH1B+-HF

Sediment Prefilter Package <br>5 Micron - WH1B+-HF

MSRP: CDN$255.00
Our Price: CDN$179.95
You save: $75.05

- More Info -

Emergency Solenoid Shut-off
Valve Kit (1 Inch) Part#:650627

Emergency Solenoid Shut-off <br>Valve Kit (1 Inch) Part#:650627

MSRP: CDN$751.00
Our Price: CDN$638.00
You save: $113.00

- More Info -

Viqua COMMCenter

Viqua COMMCenter <br>Part#:270272-R

MSRP: CDN$1,068.00
Our Price: CDN$908.00
You save: $160.00

- More Info -

CoolTouch Temperature
Management Valve

CoolTouch Temperature <br>Management Valve

MSRP: CDN$272.00
Our Price: CDN$231.00
You save: $41.00

- More Info -

Pro Series UV Intensity Monitor Sensor Part#:650580

Pro Series UV Intensity Monitor Sensor Part#:650580

MSRP: CDN$684.00
Our Price: CDN$581.00
You save: $103.00

- More Info -

Replacement UVMax
CoolTouch Fan

Replacement UVMax <br>CoolTouch Fan

MSRP: CDN$200.00
Our Price: CDN$119.00
You save: $81.00

- More Info -

UVMax Model Pro10 Replacement
Ballast (2008 to Present)

UVMax Model Pro10 Replacement<br>Ballast (2008 to Present)

MSRP: CDN$1,804.00
Our Price: CDN$1,533.00
You save: $271.00

- More Info -

UVMax Model Pro10 Replacement
Ballast (pre 2008)

UVMax Model Pro10 Replacement<br>Ballast (pre 2008)

MSRP: CDN$1,850.00
Our Price: CDN$1,573.00
You save: $277.00

- More Info -

Similar Models

The following UV models are similar to the UVMax Pro10 in that they are from the same product family or provide similar treatment capacity.

Models Similar to the UVMax Pro10
Viqua UVMax Pro20
Viqua UVMax Pro20
same product series but higher flow rate capacity of 20 GPM - NSF 55 Class A validated

- More Info -
Viqua VH410M
Viqua VH410M
14 GPM - not NSF-55 Class A validated but features UV intensity monitor - economical option where NSF validation is not required

- More Info -

Viqua UVMax Pro10 UV Sterilizer (NSF55 Class A Validated) Part #650647 Reviews

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Viqua UVMax Pro10 UV Sterilizer (NSF55 Class A Validated) Part #650647 Customer Questions & Answers

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How Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Works

How the Viqua UVMax Pro10 UV Sterilizer works

UV sterilizers are an innovative technology that kills bacteria, viruses, and other microbiological water contaminants without the use of chemicals.

A great way to think about a UV sterilizer is to consider the effect of ordinary sunlight when we spend too much time outdoors in the sun - we can get a sunburn and our skin can be damaged. UV water disinfection is a similar process except it is dramatically more powerful then sunlight. A special lamp, surrounded by a quartz glass sleeve inside the stainless steel chamber that the water flows through, produces UV light concentrated at a specific wavelength that is most damaging to microorganisms. Inside the chamber, the contaminants are exposed to the UV light which damages their DNA. Once the DNA of the organism is damaged, the microorganism is unable to regulate its functions and reproduction. It either dies or is no longer able to reproduce and cause illness. We call this inactivation.

Just as the extent of your sunburn can vary depending on how much time you spend in the sun and the intensity of the sunlight on a hot summer day, the amount of UV light the contaminants are exposed to determines the effectiveness of the UV sterilizer. This is known as the UV dose. The 2 factors that contribute to UV dose are the exposure time which is directly related to the flow rate of the water through the UV chamber, and the intensity of the UV light is related to the effectiveness and design of the UV lamp and chamber, the age of the lamp, the clarity of the sleeve, and the clarity of the water being treated. We refer to the clarity of the water as UV transmittance or UVT. It is important to note that sometimes water with a high level of organics can appear virtually clear but have poor UVT since many organics can absorb UV light. We recommend that you have the UVT of your water tested.

UV Dose = UV Intensity x Exposure Time (Flow Rate)

To ensure a high UV intensity, it is important that the UV sleeve be cleaned periodically and that the water is properly pre-treated to remove minerals that can foul the UV sleeve (hardness, iron, and manganese). It is also important to pre-treat to remove sediment as well as organics and tannins that could absorb UV light. Pre-filtration to a minimum level of 5 microns is required by all UV manufacturers.

This model is equipped with a special sensor that continuously monitors the intensity of the UV light in the treatment chamber. If the UV intensity ever drops so low that the UV system is no longer able to safely disinfect your water, the system will produce an audible alarm to notify you. If the system is equipped with an optional emergency solenoid shut-off valve (sold separately), the system will also shut your water off. This is an excellent feature to have on systems that are subject to water quality variations or where additional safety is desired (children, elderly, or immune compromised).

As a UV lamp ages, the intensity of the UV light it produces will decline. UV manufacturers test the performance of their UV systems to ensure that they are capable of safely treating the water based on the UV output of their lamp at the end of its stated life. Beyond this point, the UV lamp might still be illuminated, but the specific wavelength of UV light might not be intense enough to safely disinfect the water. This is why it is very important to replace the UV lamp based on the manufacturer's stated lamp life. Most UV lamps have a service life of 9,000 hours or 1 year.

Many of our competitors advertise the capacity of their UV sterilizers based on a dosage of 30 mJ/cm2. We provide this information for comparative purposes, however, we strongly recommend that you size your UV sterilizer based on a dosage of 40 mJ/cm2. This ensures better disinfection when the UVT is less than optimal and provides extra protection against more resistant viruses. See our UV dose chart for a list of UV dosage levels required to treat common bacteria and other pathogens.

With proper pre-treatment and scheduled lamp replacement, UV disinfection is a highly effective and economical means of disinfecting drinking water. It is the most popular disinfection technology for well water and other private water supplies. It is also growing in popularity as a whole house treatment for homes connected to a city water supply as homeowners seek additional assurance that their water supply is safe, especially in light of recent prominent infrastructure failures in the news across the country.

Learn More

UV dose required to kill common bacteria, viruses, and cysts

Alternative treatment technologies

Recommended Viqua (Trojan) UVMax UV sterilizer accessories

How to remove e.coli from water with UV

Installation, Manuals & Resources

We recommend that UV sterilizers be installed by a licensed plumber; however, your warranty is valid as long as your system is installed in accordance with local plumbing codes and the manufacturer's Owner's Manual. For a homeowner with basic plumbing experience, the installation of a UV sterilizer is relatively simple.

The Viqua UVMax Pro10 MUST be installed vertically as the chamber orientation plays an important role in the cooling system operation. When installing your UV system, be sure to allow appropriate clearance above the chamber for lamp and sleeve removal.

You will need access to a nearby standard electrical outlet to power the unit.

UVMax Pro10 Owners Manual
Viqua UVMax Pro10 Installation
and Owners Manual
Viqua UVMax Pro10 Brochure
Viqua UVMax Pro10
Viqua UVMax Pro10 Engineering Submittal
Viqua UVMax Pro10
Engineering Submittal
Viqua UVMax Pro10 Lamp Change Instructions
Viqua UVMax Pro10 Lamp/Sleeve
Replacement Instructions

Viqua UVMax Pro10 UV Sterilizer Manufacturer's Warranty

All Viqua UV sterilizers are backed by a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty against defects in material and workmanship so you can have the highest confidence in your UV system. In addition to the manufacturer's warranty, when you purchase from HomePlus Water, you have access to some of the country's foremost experts in residential and light commercial UV treatment. We would be pleased to assist you in resolving any technical problem you encounter.

10 Years

Ten-Year Limited Warranty for VIQUA UV Chamber

VIQUA warrants the UV chamber on the VIQUA product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ten (10) years from the date of purchase. During this time, VIQUA will repair or replace, at its option, any defective VIQUA UV chamber.

5 Years

Five-Year Limited Warranty for Electrical and Hardware Components

VIQUA warrants the Pro Series (Models H, H+, K, K+, Pro10, Pro20, Pro30, Pro50 and Pro24-186) electrical (controller) and hardware components to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase. During this time, VIQUA will repair or replace, at its option, any defective parts covered by the warranty.

1 Year

One-Year Limited Warranty for Lamps, Sleeves and UV Sensors

VIQUA warrants lamps, sleeves, and UV sensors to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. During this time, VIQUA will repair or replace, at its option, any defective parts covered by the warranty.

Note: Use only genuine VIQUA replacement lamps and sleeves in your system. Failure to do so may seriously compromise disinfection performance and affect warranty coverage.

General Conditions and Limitations

None of the above warranties cover damage caused by improper use or maintenance, accidents, acts of God or minor scratches or imperfections that do not materially impair the operation of the product. The warranties also do not cover products that are not installed as outlined in the applicable Owner's Manual.

Parts repaired or replaced under these warranties will be covered under warranty up to the end of the warranty period applicable to the original part.

The above warranties do not include the cost of shipping and handling of returned items The limited warranties described above are the only warranties applicable to the VIQUA range of products. These limited warranties outline the exclusive remedy for all claims based on a failure of or defect in any of these products, whether the claim is based on contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability or otherwise. These warranties are in lieu of all other warranties whether written, oral, implied or statutory. Without limitation, no warranty of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose shall apply to any of these products.

VIQUA does not assume any liability for personal injury or property damage caused by the use or misuse of any of the above products. VIQUA shall not in any event be liable for special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages. VIQUA's liability shall, in all instances, be limited to repair or replacement of the defective product or part and this liability will terminate upon expiration of the applicable warranty period.

If you are unsure whether an equipment problem or failure is covered by warranty, contact the Viqua Technical Support team at 1-800-265-7246 or e-mail Their technicians will help you troubleshoot the problem and identify a solution. Have ready the model number, system serial number, the date of purchase, the name of the dealer from whom you purchased your VIQUA product, as well as a description of the problem you are experiencing.