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Point-of-Use ecoTAC™ Salt-Free Hard Water Conditioners

Economical, chemical-free solution for protecting water heating appliances and plumbing from scale build up due to hard water

ecoTAC salt-free conditioner

The effectiveness of our popular whole house ecoTAC units in a convenient, cartridge based form, our point-of-use ecoTAC units offer this incredible technology for low-flow applications at an affordable price. Manufactured with quick-connect 3/4" fittings, installation of these treatment systems is as simple as they are efficient.

These smaller hard water conditioners were designed to protect our customers' investment in tankless or more traditional tank type water heaters by being installed on the hot water line right before said water heaters; however, if the flow rate in your home will never exceed 6 GPM (small home or cabin), our largest model could accomodate your whole house needs.

Although maintenance of the tank-based units is already incredibly easy, these point-of-use units take it one step further by providing you with the ecoTAC media in an easy to handle up-flow cartridge shell. These shells feature a built-in sediment filter, and should be replaced every 3 years. With the on/off valves included on the unit, isolation and cartridge replacement could not be simpler. For more information on how ecoTAC inhibits the formation of scale, click here.

Operating Conditions / Pre-Treatment Requirements:

The presence of elevated levels of chlorine, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, copper, and certain other contaminants can damage TAC media, reducing its effectiveness and shortening its life. While the media can handle the typical chlorine levels found in municipal water sources, to maximize media life, it is generally recommended that chlorinated city water be pre-filtered through activated carbon to remove free chlorine before the TAC system.

Water exceeding any of the following levels should be pre-treated to reduce contaminant levels below the stated level.

Hardness: if greater than 25 grains per gallon or 425 ppm (mg/l), please call for sizing recommendation

pH Range: 6.5 to 8.5
Max. Water Temperature: Install only on cold water supplies
Min. Water Temperature: must not freeze!
Recommended Pressure: 15 to 80 psi

Chlorine: < 3 ppm
Hydrogen Peroxide: <0.5 ppm
Iron: < 0.3 ppm
Manganese: < 0.05 ppm
Copper: < 1.3 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S): must be removed
Polyphosphates and Oils: must be removed


These units come standard with 3/4" John Guest quick-connect fittings for the inlet and outlet. These allow for quick and easy connections to both copper and PEX piping, saving you costs on installation. If the piping in your home is larger or smaller than 3/4", you will require basic couplers to expand or reduce to these connectors. These are readily available at any hardware store.

The ecoTAC conditioner is designed to be installed after any treatment for removal of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, sediment, and chlorine, but before a UV disinfection system and before a chlorinator (if equipped). Polyphosphate feeders should never be placed before a TAC conditioner. TAC treatment should also be done prior to any water heating equipment.

ecoTAC Salt-Free Conditioner Point-of-Use/Low-Flow Models

Point-of-Use/Low-Flow ecoTAC Hard Water Conditioner Models

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ecoTAC 2
ecoTAC 2
ecoTAC 4
ecoTAC 4
ecoTAC 6
ecoTAC 6
Maximum Flow Rate* @ hardness level of
up to 25 grains/gallon (425ppm or mg/l):
Media Quantity: 0.5 Litres (L) 1 Litre (L) 1.5 Litres (L)
Dimensions: 8 x 14" 8 x 24" 8 x 24"
Fittings: quick-connect 3/4" fittings
Included Accessories: - heavy-duty powder-coated mounting bracket
- spanner wrench
- inlet and outlet shut-off valves
- pressure relief button
- ecoTAC filter cartridge
- built-in sediment filter
- instruction manual
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Installation/Owner's Manuals: Not Available ecoTAC 4 Manual ecoTAC 6 Manual
* if hardness level is greater than 25 grains per gallon or 425 ppm (mg/l) or if you require high flow rates, please call for sizing recommendation. Systems are available for flow rates up to over 100 GPM and extremely high hardness levels.

Options, Accessories and Replacement Parts

ecoTAC 2 Replacement Cartridge

ecoTAC 2 Replacement Cartridge

MSRP: US$92.00
Our Price: US$89.95
You save: $2.05

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ecoTAC 4 Replacement Cartridge

ecoTAC 4 Replacement Cartridge

MSRP: US$174.00
Our Price: US$149.95
You save: $24.05

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ecoTAC 6 Replacement Cartridge

ecoTAC 6 Replacement Cartridge

MSRP: US$239.00
Our Price: US$189.95
You save: $49.05

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Please Note:
The contaminants or other substances removed by this water treatment device are not necessarily present in your water.