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Acid Water Neutralizers with Calcite (Raise pH)

calcite acid neutralizing filters naturally boost pH to correct acidic water problems

ClearPlus Upflow Acid Neutralizing Filters

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ClearPlus Upflow Acid Neutralizing Filters

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Description & Benefits

Water with a pH of less than 7 is considered acidic and can cause corrosion damage to pipes, fittings, and appliances. Left untreated, the corrosion can cause extensive damage and in some cases, cause leaks and plumbing component failures that cost thousands of dollars to repair. Acidic water can also cause harmful heavy metals such as lead to leach out of old solder or brass plumbing fittings, putting your family's health at risk, so an acidic pH level is a problem that should be taken very seriously.

Surface water sources including rainwater, creeks, rivers, and lakes are often mildly acidic as a result of the carbonic acid that forms when rainwater interacts with carbon dioxide as it falls through the air. Shallow wells under the influence of surface water can also have an acidic pH for the same reason.

To protect pipes, plumbing system components, and appliances from the corrosive effects of acidic water, neutralization to adjust the pH to between 7 and 8 is generally desired. Boosting pH may also be desirable or necessary to ensure the optimal performance of other water treatment equipment, such as iron filters.

The easiest method to neutralize acidic water and boost pH is to pass the water through a filter containing calcite, a naturally-occurring mineral rock consisting of approximately 95% calcium carbonate and 3% magnesium carbonate. It is commonly used in residential and commercial water treatment applications to neutralize acidic or low pH water to reduce corrosiveness, to balance pH prior to iron treatment or after reverse osmosis treatment, and to prevent corrosion and the leaching of metals from the plumbing system. Calcite is slow-acting and self-limiting. It is best used in circumstances where the pH level of the water treated is between 6.0 and 6.9. For applications where the pH level is less than 6.0, blending calcite with another media called Corosex will produce better results than calcite alone. Corosex (Magnesium oxide) is faster-acting and capable of larger pH corrections. This is especially true where high flow rates are desired.

    Eco Friendly
  • Natural and environmentally friendly
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Self-limiting, will not over-correct (calcite alone)
  • Prevent plumbing system damage due to corrosion especially from copper and galvanized pipes
  • Prevent leaching of heavy metals from plumbing components
  • Stop blue/green stains on fixtures
  • Prevent pin-hole leaks from forming in pipes
  • Extend the life of appliances and water heaters

How it Works...

Upflow Calcite Filter - How it Works

One of the greatest advantages of calcite is that in addition to being very economical, it is self-limiting - it only corrects the pH enough to reach a non-corrosive equilibrium (neutral pH). Water flows through the neutralizer in an upflow direction. As the acidic water contacts the calcite media within the filter, the calcite is slowly dissolved, adding both beneficial calcium and magnesium ions to the water and bicarbonate ions that neutralize the acidity. Since these ions contribute to water hardness, a calcite filter will increase the water hardness. Accordingly, a water softener is sometimes recommended following a calcite neutralizing filter, especially where the original water hardness was already in excess of 5 grains per gallon. Since water chemistry and temperature vary, it is difficult to predict exactly how much harder the water will become. Most often, the hardness will increase by 30-100 mg/l (2-5 grains per gallon), but since most acidic water is naturally soft, the majority of our customers who did not already need a water softener, still find they do not need a water softener after installing a calcite neutralizer filter.

For applications where the feed water pH is less than 6.0, we generally recommend that Corosex media be blended with the calcite. Corosex media is faster acting and capable of larger pH corrections than calcite alone. It is particularly useful when higher flow rates are desired. It is important to note that Corosex is not self-limiting and may over-correct resulting in a high pH, especially at low flow rates. We recommend starting with a blend of about 10% Corosex / 90% calcite and increasing the ratio of Corosex slowly until the desired level of neutralization has been achieved. Never exceed a ratio of 50% Corosex.

Upflow Calcite Filter - Fill Port
Fill Port

Depending on the amount of water you use, your original pH level, and other water chemistry parameters, the calcite (and Corosex if a blend is being used) will need to be replenished as it is used up. Most customers have to add calcite to their filter once per year. Our systems include a convenient fill port and funnel that allows you to add calcite in a few minutes without disassembling your filter. Normally, a small amount of calcite/Corosex will need to be added about once per year.

Specifications (Calcite Only)

Models: N-UF-8-44 N-UF-9-48 N-UF-10-54 N-UF-12-52 N-UF-13-54 N-UF-14-65
pH Range: 6.0 to 6.9 (See Calcite/Corosex Blend below for pH < 6.0 or for higher flow rates)
Recommend Service Flow Rate (GPM): < 2 GPM < 3 GPM < 3.5 GPM < 5 GPM < 6 GPM < 7 GPM
Max. Service Flow Rate (GPM): 4 GPM 6 GPM 7 GPM 10 GPM 12 GPM 14 GPM
Tank Size (Inches): 8 x 44 9 x 48 10 x 54 12 x 52 13 x 54 14 x 65
Total Height (Inches): 49 53 59 57 59 70
Media Quantity: 0.75 Cubic Feet 1 Cubic Feet 1.5 Cubic Feet 2 Cubic Feet 2.5 Cubic Feet 3 Cubic Feet
Inlet/Outlet Connections: 1" MNPT
Replacement Media: Calcite

Specifications (Calcite/Corosex Blend)

For pH levels in the 4.5 to 6.0 range, blending Corosex media with the calcite media will improve neutralization performance. Blending these 2 media will also allow for higher service flow rates. It is important to note that Corosex is not self-limiting and may over-correct resulting in a high pH, especially at low flow rates. We recommend starting with a blend of about 10% Corosex / 90% calcite and increasing the ratio of Corosex slowly until the desired level of neutralization has been achieved. Never exceed a ratio of 50% Corosex. Service flow rates will depend on the blend ratio. If you wish to purchase an option with Corosex, you will have the option of adding Corosex media to your system after you add the neutralizer system to your shopping cart. Our Certified Water Technicians can help you choose a blend ratio suitable for your application.

Models: N-UF-8-44
w/ Corosex
w/ Corosex
w/ Corosex
w/ Corosex
w/ Corosex
w/ Corosex
pH Range: 4.5 to 6.5
Recommend Service Flow Rate (GPM)*: < 3 GPM < 4.5 GPM < 5.5 GPM < 7.5 GPM < 9 GPM < 11 GPM
Max. Service Flow Rate (GPM)*: 6 GPM 9 GPM 11 GPM 15 GPM 18 GPM 22 GPM
Tank Size (Inches): 8 x 44 9 x 48 10 x 54 12 x 52 13 x 54 14 x 65
Total Height (Inches): 49 53 59 57 59 70
Media Quantity: 0.75 Cubic Feet 1 Cubic Feet 1.5 Cubic Feet 2 Cubic Feet 2.5 Cubic Feet 3 Cubic Feet
Inlet/Outlet Connections: 1" MNPT
Replacement Media: Calcite, Corosex

* Service flow rates will depend on the Corosex to calcite blend ratio. Rates given are based on 40-50% Corosex blend.

Operating Conditions / Pre-Treatment Requirements:
Pre-Filtration: We recommend a minimum 10 micron pre-filter to remove sediment prior to the neutralizer. CLICK HERE for recommended pre-filters.
Hardness: If hardness exceeds 5 grains per gallon (86 mg/l), discuss your application with one of our Certified Water Technicians before purchase.
Max. Water Temperature: 100F (38C)
Min. Water Temperature: must not freeze
Recommended Pressure: 30 to 80 psi

Installation / Manuals

We have designed our neutralizer systems for ease of installation. We provide a bypass valve with each system and 1" male NPT threaded fitting connections for the inlet and outlet. Optional John Guest style quick-connect (push-in) fittings are available at extra cost for easy connection to copper or PEX lines. If your water lines are less than 1" diameter, you will require basic couplers to expand to the 1" connections. These are readily available at any hardware store.

You should discuss the location of the neutralizer within your treatment system with one of our Certified Water Technicians. It is important that the neutralizer be located in the correct location to maximize the performance of the system and other water treatment equipment.

We recommend that our systems be installed by a licensed plumber; however, your warranty is valid as long as your system is installed in accordance with local plumbing codes and the Owner's Manual.

ClearPlus Upflow Acid Neutralizing Filters Reviews

5 Stars
Marginal efficiency5 Stars
I used a mix of 25/75, and the filter brought the ph up from 5.85 to 7.2 Drinking water must be between 7.0 and 10.0. It worked but magically. - Malcolm

ClearPlus Upflow Acid Neutralizing Filters Customer Questions & Answers

Question:Can calcite solidify?

Calcite can solidify in downflow applications that aren't backwashed. The ClearPlus N-UF-8-44 Calcite Upflow Acid Neutralizer Filter System is designed as an upflow system to prevent this from occurring.
By HomePlus Water on Aug 25, 2023


Only the best components go into our water treatment systems. They are sourced from some of the leading manufacturers in the business, and assembled at our factory in Canada. You can be assured that only the finest materials have gone into the manufacture of our neutralizer systems and that the materials used are safe for potable water contact. The following is a list of key system components:

Valve & Bypass Assembly Clack Corporation
Windsor, WI, USA
Made in USA
NSF/ANSI Standard 44
NSF/ANSI Standard 372
Media Tanks Pentair PLC
Milwaukee, WI, USA
Made in USA
NSF/ANSI Standard 42
Calcite Media We use various brands Made in USA and Canada NSF/ANSI Standard 60
Corosex Media (Optional) Clack Corporation
Windsor, WI, USA
Made in USA
NSF/ANSI Standard 60

Warranty Details

ClearPlus™ N-UF Series acid neutralizer systems are backed by a comprehensive warranty program.

Subject the limitations noted below, system components are warranted by HomePlus Products Inc. to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the following periods:

Clack Control Valve and Bypass: 5 Years
Media Tank: 10 Years
All Other Components (except as noted*): 1 Year

*Note: Due to the wide variety of potential feed water conditions, there is no warranty on the calcite or Corosex media.

The term of these warranties begins on the date of delivery of the product to the customer and continues until the earlier of:

  • the end of the warranty term noted above; or
  • the date in which the product(s) is/are removed from the original location of installation; or
  • the date in which the original purchases sells or otherwise transfers ownership of the home in which the product(s) was/were originally installed.

Only products purchased from an Authorized Dealer or HomePlus Products Inc. directly are eligible for this warranty. The products must have been installed and operated accordance with the instructions and operating conditions stated in the Owner's Manual.

Customer must register his or her warranty with HomePlus products Inc. within 90 days of original purchase for the warranty to remain valid.

This warranty applies only in Canada and the United States of America.

In the event that a part is deemed defective, the user must immediately inform HomePlus Products Inc. who will furnish a replacement part at no cost to the user. HomePlus' obligation to the customer shall be limited to the replacement of the defective part by prepaid standard freight to the original point of installation. Expedited shipping is available at the discretion and cost of the customer. When required, the return of defective parts to HomePlus is the responsibility of the customer.

This warranty does not cover any labour costs including labour costs related to troubleshooting, repair, installation, or maintenance.

This warranty does not apply to the following situations: misuse; normal wear and tear; neglect; unauthorized repair or damage caused through installation, adaptation, or modification; use in an improper manner or manner inconsistent with the manufacturer's installation, operating, and maintenance instructions; misapplication; wear or deterioration due to environmental conditions; damage occurring during transit; mishandling; improper storage; incorrect supply of water; tampering or alteration; fire, freezing; Act of god; or any cause beyond the control of HomePlus Products Inc.

The original warranty period does not change in the event of part replacement by HomePlus Products Inc.

This warranty is issued exclusively to the original consumer purchaser of record so long as the product remains installed in the original location of installation, and is not transferable.

The provisions of the foregoing warranties are in lieu of any other warranty, whether expressed or implied, written or oral (including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose). HomePlus Product Inc.'s liability arising out of the manufacture, sale, or supplying of the products or their use or disposition, whether based upon warranty, contract, tort, or otherwise, shall not exceed the actual purchase price paid by the authorized distributor or consumer for the product. In no event shall HomePlus Products Inc. be liable to the distributor or any other person or entity for special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages (including, but not limited to, property loss, loss of incomes, or loss of use damages) arising out of the manufacture, sale, or supplying of the products, even if HomePlus Products Inc. has been advised of the possibility of such damages or losses. These warranties are governed by the laws of the Province of British Columbia, Canada, and may change without notice.

To report a warranty problem with your system or request warranty service, please call HomePlus Products Inc. Toll free: 1-866-376-2690