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Whole House Ultraviolet (UV) Water Sterilizers and Accessories

We are pleased to offer a wide range of residential and light commercial UV sterilizers to suit any application. The following chart presents our most popular residential UV sterilizers. Below, you can choose from a variety of other ways to search for a UV sterilizer and UV accessories.

Most popular Residential UV Models:

1 to 3 Bathrooms
7-9 gallons / minute

1 to 3 bathrooms
3 to 5 Bathrooms
12-16 gallons / minute

3 to 5 bathrooms
Viqua VH200
Viqua VH200

Viqua VH410
Viqua VH410


More ways to search for a UV system or parts...

Certified Viqua Internet Reseller

We are pleased to offer a wide range of whole house ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers for every conceivable residential and commercial UV application. We carry 2 of the most well-known and highly regarded UV brands: UVMax and Sterilight. Both are manufactured in Canada by Viqua, a Trojan Technologies Company. Trojan is the world leader in UV water treatment.

UV technology is an ideal choice for consumers seeking protection from microbiological contaminants including bacteria (E.coli, fecal coliforms, etc.), virus, and protozoa (cryptosporidium, giardia, etc.). Unlike chemical disinfectants like chlorine, UV does not change the taste, smell or chemical composition of the water, resulting in safe water that tastes great!

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