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Integrated Whole House UV Sterilizer Packages with Pre-Filters

Integrated Home Systems - UV Sterilizers w/ Built-in Pre-filters

save on UV installation time and cost with a complete UV package with pre-filters built-in!

Viqua's integrated home systems (powered by Sterilight and UVMax), somtimes referred to as "rack" systems, include a popular UV sterilizer and required pre-filters mounted on a single durable mounting bracket, pre-plumbed and ready for easy installation. Just plumb in the inlet and outlet and you are ready to receive treated water. Purchasing an integrated system reduces installation time and cost while ensuring minimum pre-treatment conditions are met.

Viqua VT4-DWS

2.5 GPM* (9.5 LPM)
Viqua VT4-DWS

MSRP: US$905.00
Our Price: US$769.00
You save: $136.00

economical drinking water treatment system featuring UV sterilizer for bacteria protection

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Viqua VH200-F10

average home, 1 to 3 bathrooms
7 GPM* (26 LPM)
Viqua VH200-F10
#1 Seller!

MSRP: US$1,045.00
Our Price: US$888.00
You save: $157.00

our best-selling whole house UV sterilizer w/ integrated 5 micron sediment pre-filter system - economical and ultra compact!

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UVMax IHS10-D4

average home, 1 to 3 bathrooms
9 GPM* (34 LPM)
UVMax IHS10-D4

MSRP: US$1,244.25
Our Price: US$564.00
You save: $680.25

same features and capacity as D4 but includes pre-assembled pre-filter package w/ integrated mounting bracket

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Viqua VH410-F20

larger home, 3 to 5 bathrooms
14 GPM* (54 LPM)
Viqua VH410-F20
Top Seller!

MSRP: US$1,305.00
Our Price: US$1,109.00
You save: $196.00

one of our best-selling whole house UV sterilizers w/ high capacity integrated 5 micron sediment pre-filter system - economical and ultra compact!

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* Please note that the flow rate capacities specified above are based on a UV dose of 40 mJ/cm2 at 95% UV transmittance (UVT) unless otherwise noted. UV transmittance is a measure of the clarity of your water and the ability to pass UV light through it. 95% UVT should be considered rather ideal. If your UVT is less than 95% or you are unsure of your UV transmittance (it has not been tested), we recommend that you choose a UV unit with roughly 2 times the flow rate capacity that you need (this equates to a UVT level of about 70-75%). This will ensure that your water can be safely disinfected in the event that your UV transmittance is less than optimal. If your UVT is known to be less than 75% or your source water is highly coloured or cloudy, please call us for pre-treatment and sizing assistance (toll free 1-866-376-2690).