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Sediment & Turbidity Filters

We are pleased to offer a wide range of residential and light commercial water filters to remove sediment and turbidity, including dirt, rust, and other particulate matter from your water supply. Cartridge filters are an economical option for low to moderate levels of sediment and are available in a variety of micron ratings. Our backwashable turbidity filters are designed for more demanding applications where heavier sediment loads or high water volumes could cause pre-mature cartridge filter clogging. And finally, for ultra-fine sediments (such as shale rock flour and colloidal clays), we feature ultrafiltration membrane filters for the very best sediment reduction performance.

Choose a sediment filter category:

Cartridge-Based Sediment
Filter Packages

Cartridge-Based Sediment <br>Filter Packages

economical cartridge-based filters for the removal of sediment, rust particles, and debris

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MicroTurb Backwashable
Sediment / Turbidity Filters

MicroTurb Backwashable <br>Sediment / Turbidity Filters

automatic backwashing sediment / turbidity filters for heavier sediment loads and water demands

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Ultrafiltration <br>Systems

ultra-fine filtration for the removal of fine suspended particulate and certain microorganisms

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