Choose Ultraviolet (UV) Water Sterilizer Based on Flow Rate

Select a flow rate category below for a convenient chart where you can compare UV sterilizers that are applicable to your application:

Flow Rate

0 to 4 GPM
(0 to 15 LPM)

Flow Rate<br><br>0 to 4 GPM<br><font size=-1>(0 to 15 LPM)</font>
point-of-use / drinking water treatment
Flow Rate

20 to 30 GPM
(76 to 113 LPM)

Flow Rate <br><br>20 to 30 GPM<br><font size=-1>(76 to 113 LPM)</font>
very large homes,
light commercial
Flow Rate

30+ GPM
(113+ LPM)

Flow Rate <br><br>30+ GPM<br><font size=-1>(113+ LPM)</font>