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Viqua UV Lamp / Bulb for UVMax Model C / D / C4 / D4 Series - #602805

Viqua UVMax #602805 Replacement Lamp
for UVMax Model C / D / C4 / D4 Series

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Guaranteed Genuine Trojan UVMax #602805 Original Equipment Lamp. Don't be Fooled by Knock-Offs!

Viqua UVMax #602805 Replacement Lamp<br>for UVMax Model C / D / C4 / D4 Series

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This is a genuine Viqua UVMax OEM replacement lamp and should be replaced every 12 months for optimal sterilization and safety.

The Viqua UVMax #60280 replacement lamp is designed only for use in certain UV sterilizers manufactured by Viqua as listed below. Viqua manufacturers several UV sterilizers on an OEM basis for other companies. This lamp is the OEM replacement for the Pelican™ PUV-8.

We do not recommend that you attempt to use Viqua UVMax replacement lamps in models made by other manufacturers.

UVMax #602805 is the replacement lamp for the following models:

UVMax #602805 Specifications

Technical Specifications
Part # #602805 (formerly #602727)
Lamp Length 16" (40.5cm)
Lamp Power 43 Watts
Lamp Life 12 Months
GTIN 00773058028059

Replacement Sleeve

Replacement Sleeve <br>Part#:602732

MSRP: US$73.00
Our Price: US$62.00
You save: $11.00

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Lamp & Sleeve Combo

Lamp & Sleeve Combo <br>Part#:602810-102

MSRP: US$213.00
Our Price: US$181.00
You save: $32.00

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Lamp 12 Pack

Lamp 12 Pack <br>Part#:602805/12

MSRP: US$1,912.00
Our Price: US$1,625.00
You save: $287.00

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How to change a UVMax #602805 Lamp

  1. Turn off water supply valve to UV sterilizer
  2. Turn on faucet elsewhere in the home to depressurize the system
  3. Disconnect your UV system from power (unplug unit)
  4. Allow system to cool for 5 - 10 minutes
  5. Put on clean gloves
  6. Remove dust cover by squeezing and lifting up
  7. Lift lamp connector straight up
  8. Remove UVMax #602805 lamp from system by unscrewing and lifting straight up
  9. Insert new UVMax #602805 lamp into the system
  10. Screw new UVMax #602805 lamp into the system
  11. Push lamp connector down onto chamber
  12. Attach dust cover and slide over top of chamber
  13. Plug in UV system
  14. System will beep
  15. Hold reset button until system beeps and counter is reset to 365
  16. Slowly open water supply valve to UV sterilizer
  17. Check for leaks
  18. Close faucet elsewhere in the home
Note: The UVMax UVMax #602805 is a fluorescent lamp and can be recycled at most hardware stores or your local hazardous waste facility.

Viqua UVMax #602805 Replacement Lamp for UVMax Model C / D / C4 / D4 Series Reviews

Genuine Trojan Lamp5 Stars
The first lamp I ordered from a website I won't name said it was a trojan lamp, but it wasn't when it arrived. I sent it back and bought the correct lamp here. Not much else to say, it does what it's supposed to. - Jill
Great product/pricing and delivery5 Stars
I will definitely purchase again given the ease and speed of delivery. - Ed C
TrojanUV5 Stars
It helps alot. - Natalie B
Best home water purifier 5 Stars
I have a rain water collection at my rural home it was either well water or collect rain water with this system I have the purest and best water you can get - Wayne
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- Verified Customer
Untitled5 Stars
good - Brian
perfect5 Stars
the product arrived quickly and the priceset was better than anywhere else I could find - doug
5 Stars
I received it fast and good quality. I'll use this company again next year, thank you. - Galina W
Great service & product5 Stars
The product works perfectly and was shipped promptly and securely making its way through multiple stops to Mexico. - Savage
Great service5 Stars
Product works as specified. Service was excellent - Gerry R
Great product5 Stars
Ironically, I just installed the light this morning. One I had installed only this past October failed. Fortunately, I had this new light available. I have used this system for 12 years and this was the first time I had to replace a light because of short term failure, so I'm prepared to call it an anomaly. Other than this incident, I have always been very pleased with the product! - Ed Martin
filter4 Stars
good filter easy install good packaging long lasting fits as it should - Ryan C
Great Way to Replace Bulbs 5 Stars
Quick delivery and easy to install. Good price too! - Doug
Water Filters5 Stars
- Garth P.
Viqua UV light5 Stars
Product is working fine. - Warren C.
5 Stars
- Margaret C.
HeavyDrinker-Water5 Stars
Works like a charm and Homeplusproducts rock! Great customer service. - Dan McLennan
5 Stars
Trojan UV Max5 Stars
Slickest units going and easy to maintain with the help of our favourite supplier HomePlusProducts. They are many kms away in Kamloops but better to deal with than our local suppliers! - Dan M
UV Lams and Filters5 Stars
One of the best companies in terms of customer service, product selection and price. Would never use any other I’m sure there aren’t any! - Garth P
nice5 Stars
Great product easy to install well made would buy again - Ryan
Great service5 Stars
Great service and prompt shipping. Product arrived in perfect condition. Works great. - Robert
Customer Service5 Stars
I bought a replacement bulb for Viaqua Lighting System. Product fit perfectly. Initially the wrong bulb was sent to me but customer service handled the problem and sent correct bulb. Return Postage was provided for the incorrect bulb. Very Satisfied with company. Will make future purchase. - S. Thomas
Reliable Company5 Stars
I purchased my whole house UV water system from the company a year ago. The company had fair pricing, knowledgeable staff and quality support. Recently I had to purchase my replacement UV light. Again the entire experience was outstanding. I cannot imagine going anywhere else for my well water treatment needs. - William Brinkman
Great Product for a Great Price!5 Stars
The replacement lamp for my Viqua D4+ UV system works great and was less expensive than other websites. I will be buying my yearly replacement bulbs here! - Joe M
Trojan UVMax Lamp5 Stars
This is the third lamp I have ordered and am very pleased. We have well water and I use this to treat water for the whole house. The company is very easy to work with especially if you don't know what you are doing and we didn't. A water company put the unit in and then went out of business so we were glad to have the excellent help from this company. I get a reminder from them every year when it is time to replace the bulb. - Sharon Deters
Great UV lamp5 Stars
Product works for a year, which is the recommended time to replace it, no problem, and keeps on going. - Robert
5 Stars
- Peter A. Viglia II
Viqua/Trojan UVMAX Lamp5 Stars
Easy to find product. Fast Shipping. - Guy Spruhan
Excellent product5 Stars
This system work perfect for our water system in rural Wyoming - Diane Shoutis

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Was happy to find theses UV lamps for my older water purification system. They were well priced, included shipping and arrived promptly. - Carol H
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The new UV Light Replacement Kit that you sent me worked out wonderfully. It was easy and quick to install and my well water system was back in operation with no fuss and no muss. Thank you!! - Jim H.
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received my order quickly and in good shape. Price was competitive and quality was excellent. - Scott
Review5 Stars
Great product - Ed M
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Not the first time I ordered and every time I did, it was just perfect. Very satisfied. - Claude D
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I was quite glad to get this uv lamp and sleeve and the price was right. Good place to deal. - Ed C.
Sleeve and Lamp replacement 5 Stars
Effective combination of "spare parts". I keep a spare sleeve because I've broken or cracked two during lamp replacement or sleeve cleaning. Manipulating the O rings when removing sleeve and for cleaning can be tricky... - Pat
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I have purchased my UV lamps for my water conditioner from this company for several years. I have also spoken by phone to their staff on a couple of occasions and have always found them to be very knowledgeable and courteous. The product is promptly sent to my home within the time period stated. I have also purchased other water-related items from them in the past and, again, very satisfied with the results. - Florence A
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Excellent kit. But very important to syphon out as much water as possible from Trojan tank before attempting to install the new(light gray) plastic bolt. The new sleeve/bolt installs perfectly when no water. But water floats sleeve back up & makes it go crooked. Can lead to sleeve breakage. I have worked with Viqua & hopefully new instructions will include this step. - William
Replacement bulb 5 Stars
Fit perfectly. - Cindy
Great purchase5 Stars
Very happy with the service and performance of this replacement bulb. I had one last only a few hours and it was replaced very quickly with a fully working UV bulb. Both times the bulbs were packaged very well and shipped quickly. Couldn't ask for better service! - Jazz003
Best price and excellent delivery time - Richard
Great Service5 Stars
I require two Viqua UV lamps annually. I always order my lamps and filters from HomePlus. Service is fast and staff is courteous and helpful. - Peter Merkel
Blub Sleeve Replacement 5 Stars
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Always receive wonderful, prompt service from your company. Parts for my water conditioner are genuine top of the line. Always receive great satisfaction. - Florence Armstrong
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does the job - doug
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I made the mistake of buying a cheaper lamp from Amazon. It ran hot and failed within 2 months. The controller thinks this lamp is working. I can feel that the S.S. container does not feel nearly as hot as the cheaper knock off. - Cochrane
Viqua Ultraviolet Lamp 5 Stars
We have been using our Viqua UV Lamp for many years, basically as an insurance policy. We are on a dug well, and occasionally had surface water enter the well during spring. With this lamp in place, we can confidently drink the water. Currently we have tenants in the house so having the Viqua UV gives us the assurance that we will have no water quality problems. We change the bulb according to the manufacturers recommendations and clean the tube. I broke the tube this year when changing the lamp but it was time for a replacement anyhow. - Osiah
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Great product and service. Thanks. - Grant Smith
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I have been dealing with this company for several years. I always purchase parts for my water conditioner on an annual basis and have found them to be an excellent company to deal with. They are knowledgeable and most prompt with shipping goods. If there is a problem, they are right there to solve it. I could not be happier. - Florence A.
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Best price and great service. I would definitely buy again! - Trell
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great price great shipping great company great prices.... - Andrew
Excellent Seller5 Stars
Customer service is excellent respond to my request very quickly. Genuine product with competitive pricing, and quick delivery. Highly recommended. - Chuan Cheng Lin
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Great service, competitive pricing, fast response and quick delivery. Highly recommended. - Peter Wu
Viqua UV Lamp5 Stars
When I first seen the knock offs on Amazon a few years ago I tried one. Didn’t last 6-months. Only once in 10 years did the OEM fail short of the one year and home plus replaced it under warranty. They are the only ones to use. And the price, customer service and quick shipping is the best. - Monte
Very good service5 Stars
Good service from the company. Prompt delivery and well packaged. - Sally
Good Product5 Stars
Installed easily, works great. Wonderful customer service, product arrived quickly, and I really appreciate getting a loyalty discount each year when I order. Thank You - BJ Hart
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Great price on lamp and sleeve package. It’s easier to replace the sleeve than try to clean it. Quick delivery too. - Jeff
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A nice discount made replacement less painful, and the bulb was beautifully packed. - Bob Gaus
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We have used this product for our spring water. We have a submersible pump in a 1500 gallon water tank down by our spring and a bladder pressure tank with a water filter and the UV purifier that we get the bulbs for. We have been extremely satisfied with the whole system and feel so good that we have spring water that is clean from debris and bad bacteria for our drinking. We have used this whole water system for over 20 years and have always been relieved knowing we have safe water. Thanks so much - Diane Richardson
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Full satisfied with the product. - Claude Demers
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As always item got to me well secured and protected to get across the country in great shape. Always pleased with service and handling of product. - George Archibald
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This company has great prices, inventory and delivery. Filters, UV lamps, always arrive in a timely manner. - Jeff
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Outstanding products and service. The only vendor that I will use. Well done! - Dave Jones

Viqua UVMax #602805 Replacement Lamp for UVMax Model C / D / C4 / D4 Series Customer Questions & Answers

Question:Will this fit model ihs12-d4 or ihs22-d4?

Yes, this is the genuine OEM replacement lamp for the Viqua UVMax IHS12-D4 and IHS22-D4.
By HomePlus Water on Jul 11, 2023

Question:Does this include the rubber o-rings needed for installation?

Yes, the o-rings are included when you purchase a lamp.
By HomePlus Water on Jul 11, 2023

It is critical that only genuine Viqua brand original equipment lamps be used in your system. It has come to our attention that a number of Chinese manufacturers are making knock-off replica UV lamps. While they may physically fit in a Viqua system, they are NOT compatible. Testing of a wide range of these lamps has shown that many do not provide a safe UV dose or offer protection for the stated lamp life, and in some cases have even caused the failure of the ballast/controller and melting of the lamp harness.

* "Pelican™" is a trademark of, An Enviro Water Solutions, Inc. Company