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Water Softeners

We are pleased to offer a wide range of residential and light commercial water softeners to remove the minerals responsible for hard water scale that plugs and damages water heaters and other appliances and creates unsightly deposits on your dishes, shower doors and faucets. We have a water softener to fit every need and budget. We are also pleased to offer an array of salt-free hard water conditioners as well.

SoftPlus™ High-Efficiency Water Softeners:

Advanced water softeners designed specifically to reduce salt consumption and water waste. Enjoy the benefits of soft water throughout your home - no more hard water deposits and unsightly scale deposits, reduce soap and detergent use, improve water heater and appliance efficiency, protect your laundry, and enjoy silky smooth skin and hair. Can also treat up to 2ppm (mg/l) of dissolved iron and 1 ppm (mg/l) of dissolved manganese.

SoftPlus™ Series
Water Softeners

SoftPlus™ Series<br>Water Softeners

Starting at CDN$1,132.00
economical high-efficiency water softeners for a wide range of applications including cabins, residential homes, and light commercial applications

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SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series
Water Softeners

<font color=#000000>SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series <br> Water Softeners</font>

Starting at CDN$1,364.00
feature-rich high-efficiency water softeners with premium control valve and color LCD touch-screen interface - ideal for high flow applications

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MultiSoft™ Series Water Softeners w/ Ecomix®-C for Concurrent Treatment of Hardness, Iron, Manganese, and Tannin/Organics:

MultiSoft™ water treatment systems w/ Ecomix®-C not only soften your water, but they also remove high levels of iron, manganese and tannins/organics, making them one of the most versatile treatment systems available today. Ecomix can treat much higher levels of iron and manganese than traditional ion-exchange media used for water softening without the risk of fouling while at the same time removing naturally occurring organics that interfere with disinfection and discolor the water.

MultiSoft™ Series
Water Softeners w/ Ecomix®-C

MultiSoft™ Series<br>Water Softeners w/ Ecomix®-C

Starting at CDN$1,559.00
innovative water softener with abilty to remove elevated levels of iron, manganese, tannins, and organics

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MultiSoft™ Ultimate Series
Water Softeners w/ Ecomix®-C

<font color=#000000>MultiSoft™ Ultimate Series <br>Water Softeners w/ Ecomix®-C</font>

Starting at CDN$1,797.00
innovative water softener with abilty to remove elevated levels of iron, manganese, tannins, and organics w/ premium color LCD touch-screen control valve

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Salt-Free Hard Water Conditioners

Our ecoTAC™ salt-free-hard water conditioners provide most of the benefits of a traditional water softener without the use of salt, electricty, or backwash. They are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional water softening. Many of our competitors incorrectly refer to them as "salt-free water softeners." Since they don't actually remove the harndess minerals from the water, we think they are more accurately described as "conditioners." ecoTAC prevents hard water scale by acting as a catalyst for the formation of microscopic scale crystals that remain suspended in the water stream rather than attaching to surfaces and causing the typical problems associated with hard water scale. TAC technology is the most effective salt-free alternative to protect your home and appliances from the damaging effects of hard water scale!

ecoTAC™ Salt-Free
Hard Water Conditioners

ecoTAC™ Salt-Free <br>Hard Water Conditioners

Starting at CDN$895.00
innovative salt-free solution to ptotect your home and applainces from hard water scale

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ecoPLUS™ Premium Whole House Combo Systems
ecoPLUS™ Premium Whole House Combo Systems

Starting at CDN$1,845.00
our premium whole house city water filters + our ecoTAC salt-free hard water conditioners

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