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SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series High Efficiency Water Softeners

high efficiency water softeners with large color LCD touch screen display - reduce salt consumption by as much as 50%!

HomePlus SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series High
Efficiency Water Softeners w/ Touch Screen

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HomePlus SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series High <br>Efficiency Water Softeners w/ Touch Screen

Very Good Ultimate

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SoftPlus Ultimate
SoftPlus™ Ultimate
Valve: Fleck 5800 SXT Fleck 5800 XTR2
Display: Digital w/ Large LCD Screen Large Full COLOR Touch Screen
Metered Regeneration: Has Feature Has Feature
Leak Detection Alarm: -- Has Feature
Price Range: US$888.00 to US$1706.00 US$1060.00 to US$1878.00

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Description & Benefits

SoftPlus Water Softeners

Water softeners are widely available in the marketplace, but few are actually designed and programmed for truly high efficient operation. Our SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series Water Softeners systems feature a premium-grade Fleck 5800XTR2 digital control valve with large color LCD touch screen display, and were designed by Certified Water Technicians to maximize salt efficiency, to reduce operating cost, and to provide a more environmentally-friendly water softening solution. And the best part is that you don;t have to pay more to get the efficiency of SoftPlus™ - our softeners cost about the same as our competitor's low efficiency systems!

  • Eliminate hard water scale, and remove low levels of dissolved iron and manganese
  • Smart valve technology and metered regeneration for less water and salt consumption
  • Cost-effective and long-lasting media (5 to 10 years)
  • Simple, automated regeneration keeps the media clean and operating efficiently
  • Simple operation with no day-to-day maintenance
  • Brand-name digital control valve (Fleck 5800XTR2) w/ large color LCD touch screen display
  • Water leak detection system
  • Water consumption data logging
  • Great warranty (5 years on control valve, 10 years on tank)
  • Bypass included

Ideal for the treatment of city water, well water, spring water, and surface water (lakes, streams, and rivers).

Protect your plumbing system from hard water scale
Protect your plumbing system from hard water scale...
  • Improve water heater efficiency and life
  • Prevent clogging of pipes and faucets / pressure loss
  • Prevent pressure loss
Protect your appliances...

  • Reduce mineral build-up in dishwasher
  • Prevent hard water damage to clothes washer
  • Extend appliance life
Improve the performance of soaps, shampoo, and detergents
Improve the performance of soaps, shampoo, and detergents...
  • Reduce detergent and soap use
  • Keep laundry bright
  • Softer hair and skin

Water hardness causes unsightly spots on dishes and glass shower doors; mineral build-up in appliances, on faucets, and in shower heads; reduces the performance of soaps and detergents; and often leaves laundry dingy and your skin and hair dry and dull. Hard water scale also reduces the life and efficiency of your water heater, one of the largest consumers of energy in your home.

Iron and manganese cause stains in your tub and toilet, dishwaher and other appliances, and leave laundry stained and dull. They also impact an unpleasant taste and cause discoloration.

Smart technology for high salt efficiency...

All SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series systems are optimally designed and pre-programmed to ensure that you can achieve the peak performance and salt efficiency.

Like all water softeners, SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series systems are designed to automatically backwash and regenerate periodically to eject trapped sediment and particulates and restore media capacity. This process is controlled by the Fleck 5800 XTR2 digital control valve and is generally programmed to occur in the middle of the night (fully adjustable) when you are not likely to be using any water. The system uses a sophisticated controller which calculates the optimal time to regenerate the system based on the system capacity, your water consumption patterns, your water use, and contaminant levels. In many cases, our customers have replaced their older water softeners with a SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series system and been able to reduce their salt consumption by more than 50%!

How SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series Water Softeners Works

Water softeners remove the minerals responsible for hard water through a process called ion exchange. Water softeners contain electro-negatively charged plastic beads (softening resin) that attract positively charged contaminants in the water. These contaminants cling to the media and are removed from the water stream. As the media becomes saturated with contaminants over time, the water softener is designed to perform a self-cleaning process called regeneration on a periodic basis. This is all performed automatically by the softener. The softener uses sodium ions from common salt to eject contaminants off of the media - the sodium ions are "exchanged" for the contaminants and the sodium ions cling to the media instead. The contaminants are backwashed / rinsed down the drain. When the softener returns to service, the opposite "exchange" process occurs whereby the minerals responsible for water hardness, like calcium and magnesium, are exchanged for the sodium ions.

The salt used to regenerate the media is stored in a brine tank which sits beside the system. All you have to do is add water softener salt to the brine tank periodically (only once or twice per month for most systems). The system does everything else automatically. Water softener salt is available at most big box retailers and hardware stores and is inexpensive. Inside a SoftPlus Ultimate Series Softener

The regeneration process is controlled by a sophisticated modern digital control valve (Fleck 5800 XTR2) and is generally programmed to occur in the middle of the night (fully adjustable) roughly every 5 to 7 days when you are not likely to be using any water.

Fleck brand control valves are manufacturered in the U.S.A. by Pentair, LLC, one of the world's largest water treatment companies, and leading softener control valve manufacturer. The Fleck 5800XTR2 is part of a new series of valves recently released by Pentair which feature some of the industry's most advanced control options for water softener regeneration. It features the most advanced controller option with large color LCD touch-screen display for the ultimate in programming simplicity. The Fleck 5800 control valve is tested and certified by the Water Quality Association to NSF/ANSI Standard 44 for Water Softener Performance. Many of our competitors are still using 20+ year old valve technology (Fleck 5600 for instance). Some are even still using archaic electromechanical models instead of digital controllers. Our SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series water softeners use a sophisticated digital controller which calculates the optimal time to regenerate the system based on the system capacity, your water consumption patterns, your water use, and contaminant levels. The result is greater salt and water efficiency, and easier programing, maintenance, and servicing.

The capacity and efficiency of all water softeners are greatly impacted by the salt dose applied to the softening resin during regeneration. Using a higher salt dose with yield more capacity, but it much less efficient. In general terms, the efficiency of a water softener can be measured by how many grains of hardness it can remove per pound o salt used. NSF softener efficiency certification requires an efficiency rating of 3,350 grains per pound of salt.

Most manufacturer's state softener capacity based on the maximum capacity that can be achieved by applying a high salt dose. Of course, this is a very inefficient way to set-up a water softener and will result in massive salt waste. We publish our capacity data based on 3 commonly quoted salt doses so you can compare our units on an apples to apples basis to our competitor's, however, we strongly recommend that our systems be operated at a salt dose of 6 lbs of salt per cubic foot of media. This will yield an efficiency of 3,667 grains per lb of salt and could save you hundreds of pounds of salt per year. Unless requested otherwise, all of our softeners are pre-programmed and configured for high efficiency operation at a salt dose of 6 pounds per cubic foot of media.

Salt Dose Comparison:
Relative Efficiency:Salt Dose per
Cubic Foot of Resin
per Cubic Foot
(Grains per Lb. of Salt)
Pounds of Salt
Used per Year*
High Efficiency:622,0003,667299
Moderate Efficiency:927,0003,000365
Low Efficiency:1533,0002,200498

*Example based on 200 gallons of water used per day and hardness level of 15 grains per gallon.

The ion-exchange properties of the media will result in a small increase in the sodium content of the treated water. Individuals who have high blood pressure or those concerned about their sodium intake due to other heath issues, can add a small drinking water reverse osmosis system under their kitchen sink to produce sodium-free drinking water.

SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series Sizing Guide

Optimal sizing of a SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series water softener is a function of:

  • your contaminant level (primarily hardness)
  • your peak water flow rate (the highest flow rate of water that you use per minute)
  • the amount of water you use (overall consumption per day)

The capacity of a water softener is stated in "Grains" and in "Gallons Per Minute." "Grains: refers to the amount of hardness it can remove before it needs to be regenerated, and the "Gallons Per Minute" is the maximum flow rate of water it can handle at a given time and still produce well treated water.

Size by Water Demand:

Compare Available Models

Very Good Ultimate
Series: SoftPlus
SoftPlus Ultimate
SoftPlus™ Ultimate
Valve: Fleck 5800 SXT Fleck 5800 XTR2
Display: Digital w/ Large LCD Screen Large Full COLOR Touch Screen
Metered Regeneration: Has Feature Has Feature
Leak Detection Alarm: -- Has Feature
Capacity: up to 24,750 grains
High Efficiency Capacity: 16,500 grains

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Capacity: up to 33,000 grains
High Efficiency Capacity: 22,000 grains


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Capacity: up to 49,500 grains
High Efficiency Capacity: 33,000 grains

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Capacity: up to 66,000 grains
High Efficiency Capacity: 44,000 grains

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Capacity: up to 82,500 grains
High Efficiency Capacity: 55,000 grains

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Capacity: up to 99,000 grains
High Efficiency Capacity: 66,000 grains

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Capacity: 100,000+ grains
High Efficiency Capacity: 66,500+ grains
If you need a unit with a higher capacity than 100,000 grains,
please call us toll free at 1-866-376-2690 for specifications and a quotation.


Models: SoftPlus™
Capacity at Salt Dose of
15 pounds / Cubic Foot:
24,750 Grains 33,000 Grains 49,500 Grains 66,000 Grains 82,500 Grains 99,000 Grains
Capacity at Salt Dose of
9 pounds / Cubic Foot:
20,250 Grains 27,000 Grains 40,500 Grains 54,000 Grains 67,500 Grains 81,000 Grains
Capacity at Salt Dose of
6 Pounds / Cubic Foot
(Recommended Setting):
16,500 Grains 22,000 Grains 33,000 Grains 44,000 Grains 55,000 Grains 66,000 Grains
Lbs of Salt Per Regeneration
(based on salt dose of 6 pounds / CF):
4.5 6 9 12 15 18
Treatment Tank Diameter (Inches): 8 9 10 12 13 14
Total Height (Inches): 56 60 66 64 66 77
Brine Tank Size: 11W x 11D x 38H inches 15W x 17D x 36H inches 18 diameter x 36H inches
Approx. Installation Space
Required (D x W x H"):
11 x 21 x 53 11 x 22 x 57 17 x 27 x 63 17 x 29 x 61 18 x 33 x 63 18 x 34 x 74
Resin Volume (Cubic Feet): 0.75 1 1.5 2 2.5 3
Recommended Service Flow Rate (GPM)*: 3.75 5.0 7.5 10 12.5 15
Max. (Peak) Service Flow Rate (GPM): 5.6 7.5 11.25 15 18.75 21
Backwash Flow Rate @ 40F (GPM): 1.7 2.5 3.0 4.0 5.0 5.5
Backwash Flow Rate @ 70F (GPM): 2.0 2.7 3.5 4.5 5.5 6.0

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SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series Specifications:
Control Valve:Fleck 5800 XTR2
Inlet/Outlet Connections:1" MNPT
Drain Connection:1/2" MNPT
Operating Temperature:36F to 100F (2 to 38C)
Operating Pressure:20 to 90 psi (1.4 to 6.2 bar)
Replacement Media:INDION 224-NaF
Cation Water Softener Resin
Typical Media Life:5 Years
Operating Conditions / Pre-Treatment Requirements:
Maximum Hardness: 75 grains per gallon (770 mg/l)
pH Range: 5 to 9
Iron: < 3 ppm (mg/l)
Manganese: < 1 ppm (mg/l)

SoftPlus SP-5800XTR2-14-65 Customer Questions & Answers

Question:How do you replace filter?

There is no filter to replace. The softening media lasts 5 - 10 years. Instructions for replacing the media can be found in our SoftPlus SP-5800XTR2 Series Manual.
By HomePlus Water on Nov 20, 2023

Installation / Manuals

SoftPlus manual

We have designed our SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series systems for ease of installation. We provide a bypass valve and complete pre-assembled brine tank kit with each system. The brine tank kit includes a 14 x 14 x 34" molded black brine tank, brine well, salt grid, safety float, air check valve, and brine tubing. The bypass valve has male 1" NPT threaded fittings. If your pipe diameter is different, you can connect to the bypass with simple adapters available at any hardware store. The drain line connection is male 1/2" NPT.

The SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series system should be installed after the pressure tank or pressure booster if applicable. It is normally installed after the branch to exterior irrigation so that it only treats water used inside the building. This reduces salt consumption.

We recommend that SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series systems be installed by a licensed plumber, however, your warranty is valid as long as your system is installed in accordance with local plumbing codes and the Owner's Manual.


Only the best components go into our SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series water treatment systems. They are sourced from some of the leading manufacturers in the business, and assembled at our factory in Canada. You can be assured that only the finest materials have gone into the manufacture of all SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series systems and that the materials used are safe for potable water contact. The following is a list of key system components: Softener Valve WQA Validation

Item Manufacturer Material Safety Validations
Valve & Bypass Assembly Pentair PLC
Milwaukee, WI, USA
Made in USA
NSF/ANSI Standard 44
NSF/ANSI Standard 372
Media Tank Pentair PLC
Milwaukee, WI, USA
Made in USA
NSF/ANSI Standard 42
Purolite C100 Cation Softening Resin Purolite Corporation
Made in the USA and China
NSF/ANSI Standard 61

Warranty Details

SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series systems are backed by a comprehensive warranty program.

Subject the limitations noted below, SoftPlus™ Ultimate Series system components are warranted by HomePlus Products Inc. to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the following periods:

Fleck 5800 XTR2 Control Valve: 5 Years*
Media Tank: 10 Years
All Other Components (except as noted**): 1 Year

*Note: Piston seals are considered a wear and tear item and require regularly scheduled maintenance and replacement, usually every 3-5 years. They are warranted for a period of 1 year.

**Note: Due to the wide variety of potential feed water conditions, there is no warranty on the cation resin or underbed gravel.

The term of these warranties begins on the date of delivery of the product to the customer and continues until the earlier of:

  • the end of the warranty term noted above; or
  • the date in which the product(s) is/are removed from the original location of installation; or
  • the date in which the original purchases sells or otherwise transfers ownership of the home in which the product(s) was/were originally installed.

Only products purchased from an Authorized Dealer or HomePlus Products Inc. directly are eligible for this warranty. The products must have been installed and operated accordance with the instructions and operating conditions stated in the Owner's Manual.

Customer must register his or her warranty with HomePlus products Inc. within 90 days of original purchase for the warranty to remain valid.

This warranty applies only in Canada and the United States of America.

In the event that a part is deemed defective, the user must immediately inform HomePlus Products Inc. who will furnish a replacement part at no cost to the user. HomePlus' obligation to the customer shall be limited to the replacement of the defective part by prepaid standard freight to the original point of installation. Expedited shipping is available at the discretion and cost of the customer. When required, the return of defective parts to HomePlus is the responsibility of the customer.

This warranty does not cover any labour costs including labour costs related to troubleshooting, repair, installation, or maintenance.

This warranty does not apply to the following situations: misuse; normal wear and tear; neglect; unauthorized repair or damage caused through installation, adaptation, or modification; use in an improper manner or manner inconsistent with the manufacturer's installation, operating, and maintenance instructions; misapplication; wear or deterioration due to environmental conditions; damage occurring during transit; mishandling; improper storage; incorrect supply of water; tampering or alteration; fire, freezing; Act of god; or any cause beyond the control of HomePlus Products Inc.

The original warranty period does not change in the event of part replacement by HomePlus Products Inc.

This warranty is issued exclusively to the original consumer purchaser of record so long as the product remains installed in the original location of installation, and is not transferable.

The provisions of the foregoing warranties are in lieu of any other warranty, whether expressed or implied, written or oral (including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose). HomePlus Product Inc.'s liability arising out of the manufacture, sale, or supplying of the products or their use or disposition, whether based upon warranty, contract, tort, or otherwise, shall not exceed the actual purchase price paid by the authorized distributor or consumer for the product. In no event shall HomePlus Products Inc. be liable to the distributor or any other person or entity for special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages (including, but not limited to, property loss, loss of incomes, or loss of use damages) arising out of the manufacture, sale, or supplying of the products, even if HomePlus Products Inc. has been advised of the possibility of such damages or losses. These warranties are governed by the laws of the Province of British Columbia, Canada, and may change without notice.

To report a warranty problem with your system or request warranty service, please call HomePlus Products Inc. Toll free: 1-866-376-2690