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Most Popular Whole House UV Sterilizers

our top selling whole house UV sterilizers for bacteria, virus, and protozoa disinfection

Most Popular UV Sterilizers Our top selling whole house UV sterilizers come from three series, the Sterilight Silver Series (S8Q-PA and S12Q-PA), and Viqua's UVMax High-Output Series (C4, D4 and E4), and the Pro Series (Pro10). All are made in Canada.

The Silver series is highly regarded for its economical price. It is simple and easy to use.

The UVMax High-Output Series systems, particularly the D4 and E4 have some additional features, and are physically significantly smaller in chamber length for a given flow capacity as they use high-output lamps as opposed to the standard output lamps found in the Silver series.

The UVMax Pro10 is a top-of-the-line system with all the bells and whistles for customers with more serious water quality problems and/or who are seeking extra peace-of-mind.

Top Selling / Most Popular Whole House UV Sterilizers
Model Advantages Flow Rate* Intensity Monitor Solenoid Shut-Off Cooling System Flow Restrictor Validated Lamp
Lowest Price
ultra compact! due to high output lamp 7 GPM
(26 lpm)
no no optional optional no 1
MSRP: US$775.00
Price: US$659.00
You save: $116.00


Top Seller!
great price relative to flow rate capacity, high-output lamp for compact size 14 GPM
(54 lpm)
no no optional optional no 1
MSRP: US$975.00
Price: US$829.00
You save: $146.00

UVMax Model Pro10
loaded! tons of features,
flow-based dose monitoring,
built-in cooling,
2 year lamp life,
10 GPM
(37.9 LPM) at 75% UVT
optional NSF 55
Class A
MSRP: US$3,315.00
Price: US$2,818.00
You save: $497.00

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* Please note that the flow rate capacities specified above are based on a UV dose of 40 mJ/cm2 at 95% UV transmittance (UVT) unless otherwise noted. UV transmittance is a measure of the clarity of your water and the ability to pass UV light through it. 95% UVT should be considered rather ideal. If your UVT is less than 95% or you are unsure of your UV transmittance (it has not been tested), we recommend that you choose a UV unit with roughly 2 times the flow rate capacity that you need (this equates to a UVT level of about 70-75%). This will ensure that your water can be safely disinfected in the event that your UV transmittance is less than optimal. If your UVT is known to be less than 75% or your source water is highly coloured or cloudy, please call us for pre-treatment and sizing assistance (toll free 1-866-376-2690).