Pentek GRO-2550 reverse osmosis (RO) water filter system

Pentek GRO-2550 Reverse Osmosis System

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Low waste, high efficiency RO system

Pentek GRO-2550 Reverse Osmosis System

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Description, Features & Benefits

The Pentek GRO-2550 system includes the high recovery GRO-50 encapsulated membrane. The system includes a 5 micron sediment and carbon block prefilter that reduces sediment, odor and improves taste. The carbon and sediment prefilters reduces the particles and chlorine taste and odor to prolong the life of the RO membrane. The RO membrane separates water molecules from dissolved salts and minerals. The RO filtered water is sent to the storage tank until you need it. When you turn on the drinking water faucet, the filtered water from the storage tank is sent through a carbon polishing filter which provides final taste and odor filtration before the water reaches your glass.

Cleaner, fresher water whenever you want it!

Key Features:

  • 50 gallon per day high recovery GRO reverse osmosis encapsulated membrane
  • Water on demand delivered from a storage tank
  • Encapsulated RO membrane for easy replacement
  • Reduces salts, dissolved minerals, and bad taste and odor
  • Designed for chlorinated and non-chlorinated potable drinking water

For more information of the removal/reduction of various contaminants by carbon filtration and reverse osmosis, please CLICK HERE.

Flowlok Leak Detection

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The FLOWLOK Leak Detector is an innovative device that installs right below your water filtration system in minutes. No special tools are required and it does not need electricity to operate. FLOWLOK Leak Detectors utilize a highly compressed safety disc that expands when it absorbs water. Once the safety disc has detected water it expands and trips the FLOWLOK safety lever to shut off the water entering the water filtration device. Safety discs are replaceable and are economical.

Specifications & Operating Conditions - Pentek RO-2550

Pentek GRO-2550 RO System Filters and Specifications
Manufacturer Part # 161154
Stage 1: Sediment Pre-Filter Pentek P5 Spun Polypropylene Sediment Filter
Replace every 3-6 months
- Traps silt/dust, rust and sand which may affect the taste and look of your water, while at the same time protecting the other filters from premature fouling.
Stage 2: Carbon Filter Pentek EPM-10 Carbon Block Filter
Replace every 3-6 months
- Reduces chlorine, organochlorine compounds, chlorination disinfection byproducts (THMs and HAs), many VOCs and more.
Stage 3: Reverse Osmosis Membrane Pentek GRO-50EN 50 gallon per day high recovery GRO reverse osmosis encapsulated membrane
Replace every 1-2 years
- Removes 99.8% of mineral and inorganic impurities.
Stage 4: Carbon Post Filter Pentek Granular Activated Carbon Post Filter
Replace every 12 months
- Improves the taste and smell of your water by removing a wide range or organic compounds.
Dimensions: 15"W x 5 1/2"D x 17 1/4H
38.1 cm W x 12.7 cm D x 43.8 cm H)
System Production Rate: 10.09 gpd (38.19 Lpd)
Recovery Rating: 31.76%
Efficiency Rating: 15.39%
TDS Rejection: 96.8%

This system is designed for use on all chlorinated and non-chlorinated potable water supplies. It is an excellent choice for most homes. If you do not receive your water from a municipal water system (you get your water from a well, lake or other non-treated source), you should have your water tested to ensure it is biologically safe (free of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms) before using a reverse osmosis filter as your only water treatment. If your water is biologically contaminated, you should consider a point-of-use or whole-house ultraviolet purifier in addition to your reverse osmosis unit to kill any remaining microorganisms.

Recommended Source Water Parameters:

Pressure: 40-100 PSI (2.7-6.9 bar)
Temperature: 40-100F (4-38C)
pH: 3-11
TDS Level: less than 2000 ppm (mg/L)
Turbidity: less than 11.0 NTU
Hardness(CaCO3):<10 GPG (170 mg/L)
Iron (Fe): <0.1 ppm (mg/L)
Manganese (Mn): <0.05 ppm (mg/L)
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S): 0.01 ppm (mg/L)
Residual Chlorine: <2.0 ppm (mg/L)

Note: this product is not available in the State of California. CLICK HERE for more information.

Note: The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by this water treatment device are not necessarily present in your water.

Replacement Parts and Popular Accessories

Pentek P5
5 Micron Sediment Filter
Single Filter

Pentek P5 <br>5 Micron Sediment Filter<br>Single Filter

MSRP: US$4.67
Our Price: US$4.16
You save: $0.51

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Pentek P5
5 Micron Sediment Filter
Case of 24

Pentek P5 <br>5 Micron Sediment Filter <br>Case of 24

MSRP: US$112.08
Our Price: US$99.99
You save: $12.09

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Pentek EPM-10
Carbon Block Water Filter
Case of 12

Pentek EPM-10 <br>Carbon Block Water Filter<br>Case of 12

MSRP: US$93.60
Our Price: US$77.88
You save: $15.72

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Carbon Post Filter

Pentek <br>GS-10RO <br>Carbon Post Filter

MSRP: US$30.35
Our Price: US$19.95
You save: $10.4

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Pentek GRO-2550 Reverse Osmosis System Installation, Manuals & Resources

The filtration unit and storage tank mount under your sink, out of sight. Water supply is gained by attaching a simple adapter to your cold water supply pipe (copper or plastic). You will have to drill a hole in your countertop or sink frame to attach the attractive long-reach faucet. It is a relatively easy do-it-yourself project, or if you prefer, you can have it installed by a handyman or plumber. The unit includes all installation hardware and a complete installation guide.

Pentek GRO-2550 Reverse Osmosis System Reviews

Great Value5 Stars
I had been renting this exact same unit from Sunshine Water for $30 a month. When I asked about buying it they said that they would sell me the used one I had for $900, or $1,200 for a new one. I had them pick up theirs and installed the same machine purchased here myself. I tell all of my friends that they are crazy for renting equipment when you can get values like these. We love the water. - Dennis S.

Pentek GRO-2550 Manufacturer's Warranty

Pentair Residential Filtration warrants to the original owner (under normal use) to be free from defects in material and/or workmanship for one (1) year from the date of purchase.