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California State Water Treatment Device Certification Information

Note to California Residents:

The State of California has adopted its own water treatment device certification program independent of all other states and recognized certification programs. Unfortunately, due to the extreme cost of obtaining and maintaining certification for a complete line of home water treatment products, most smaller water treatment device manufacturers are unable to participate in the program, making the California market primarily the domain of larger manufacturers with deep pockets. Each and every product and configuration of a product (filter configurations) must be certified separately. Further, certification is required even if an absolutely identical product is marketed under a different brand name than an existing certified product. The absurdity of this is obvious, and unfortunately, the program's good intentions result in a large number of good products being excluded from the California market. Ironically, many of the products that are certified by the program are, in our opinion, of lower quality than those available from many of the smaller high-end manufacturers who cannot afford to submit their products for certification. Never-the-less, we support any program that attempts to eliminate fraudulent activities by the small number of unscrupulous water treatment device manufacturers and marketers in the industry.

Several products sold by Home Water Purifiers and are manufactured by smaller high-end manufacturers and accordingly have not been submitted for certification under the State of California's water treatment device program. These products are clearly marked as such. Out of respect for the State's program, we will not ship these products to residents of California, despite our confidence that they would exceed all of the requirements if submitted for certification under the program.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us toll free at 1-866-376-2690.