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Pentek DGD-5005-20 Water Filter (#155358-43)

Alternate Part Numbers: 15535843

Pentek DGD-5005-20

MSRP: USD$176.94 ($29.49 per filter)
USD$17.89 ea.
USD$106.95 case of 6
($17.83 per filter)

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Pentek DGD-5005-20Pentek
Appropriate for City Water

City Water

Appropriate for Well Water

Well Water

Recommended for the treatment/removal of:

Sediment, Dirt, Rust Particles

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Description, Features & Benefits

Manufacturer/Brand: Pentek
Filter Series: DGD
Part Number: 155358-43
Alternate Part Number(s): 15535843
Type: Sediment - Spun
Material(s): Polypropylene
Size: 4 1/2 x 20 Inches (114 x 508mm)
Micron Rating: Multi-gradient, ending in:
5 (Nominal)
Pressure Loss: 1.0 psi @ 20 GPM
Validation: NSF42
Made in: China
GTIN: 51678358436
Specifications Sheet: Pentek DGD Series Specs

DGD 5005-20 filter cartridges are designed for use in Big Blue filter housings. They are manufactured from 100% polypropylene in a dual layer gradient configuration for optimum performance. DGD 5005-20 cartridges will not introduce color, odor or taste to the solution being filtered, and are highly resistant to chemicals, and are generally not susceptible to bacteria attack.

DGD 5005-20 filters offer optimum pre filtration and final filtration while maintaining a debris holding capacity up to three times greater than that of comparably constructed and sized cartridges. Further, they offer even greater efficiencies over spun or string wound cartridges.

Flow velocities are maintained through larger pre-filter surface areas that reduce post filter contamination, resulting in longer filter life, added loading capacity, and maximum particulate reduction. The larger pre-filter diameter depth is 233% of comparable spun or string wound filters.

DGD series filter cartridges are an excellent option for all residential, commercial and municipal applications as they are cost-effective, well engineered and have optimal performance profiles.

  • Manufactured from 100% pure polypropylene
  • Designed for purity and chemical compatibility
  • Two separate gradient density layers enhance cartridge performance
  • Three times the dirt-holding capacity of similar sized sediment cartridges

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Pentek DGD-5005-20 Reviews

Definitely works5 Stars
I use this as a pre-filter in my whole house system. Our city has a great new water treatment facility, but there must still be sediment in the distribution system as this filter sure manages to remove a lot of it. It lasts about 9 months for me and you can actually see the different filtration sizes when you change filters due to the different coloured rings on the end of the filter. - Mark C.
:-)5 Stars
I could not be happier with this product - performs great ! - John F.
Untitled5 Stars
Excellent product and service - Frank C
Recommended company4 Stars
Price is more competitive than other retailers. - Gary
water5 Stars
good product and good service - mark
Pentair residential filtration5 Stars
Pentek dual-gradient density spun polypropylene filter cartridge for reducing household sediment in water supply. These filters appear to do the job for which they are designed very well. - Lorne W
Home Water Filters 5 Stars
Excellent product. Easy to use. Does a good job in my water conditioner. No problems with it at all - Patricia Y
5 Stars
- Claude Veilleux
5 Stars
Excellent product. Never had any problem with them. - Patricia Y
Smart buy5 Stars
I have well water that has lots of iron and the water smells of rotten eggs. My son in law's father mentioned he had a system that took care of his problems. He found the system on line for me. I bought it and gave it to my plumber to install. He was not familiar with it but he took the install directions and said he would put the system in. Within two days after the install there was a visible difference in the smell and no more iron stains in the sink or toilets. On my second month and I am totally pleased. My plumber is considering becoming a dealer. One of my smartest buys! - Larry
Removes fine particulate matter5 Stars
Any filter can remove "normal" particulate matter but have a great amount of difficulty removing ultra fine clay particles. This filter is fantastic about completely removing the clay particles. Also, changing the filter is exceptionally easy. - Jimmy Bollman

Reviews from the same Filter Series

Lasts forever5 Stars
The DGD 5005 filter lasts a lot longer than the generic filter I was using previously! I will definitely continue to buy these. - Cara
Great products and they pass even a Virgo's litmus test5 Stars
Great products, work wayyyyyyyyy better than the seller says. - J Scott C
dgd50055 Stars
these filters meet the need at a fair price - robert
Works Great5 Stars
These filters remove a tremendous amount of iron from our water. We've used them for almost four years now. - Scott H.
75 to 50 micron5 Stars
These are the best filters I've ever used. - Paul M
5 Stars
- Bone Creek Wilderness Retreat
Great Filter 5 Stars
Does a great job at filtering various size particals. I will buy again. - Mike Sullivan
Excellent Value5 Stars
I bought this as a back-up filter as it is the exact filter I need for my "Big Blue" system. In the past I have purchased my filters and "O" rings through Amazon. These items are of excellent quality and I have advised neighbours of these items as I highly recommend them. - Manch
Untitled5 Stars
Easier and less expensive to order online. Your company is very good and works fast to get the product to you. - Pat Y.
Big Blue filters5 Stars
I have ordered all my filters from Home-Water-Purifiers-&-Filters for the past two years, I am impressed by the quality of the filters, the price and the quick shipping! - Manch
Pentek DGD-50055 Stars
Excellent quality, perfect fit in my big blue, great shipping and fast. - Graham
Purchase and Customer Service5 Stars
Purchased a Viqua D4 Premium System and Filters for a reasonable price, customer service and follow up was great. Product working great - Brian