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ClearPlus WH2 Premium 5 Micron
Whole House Carbon Block Filter Package

ClearPlus WH2 Premium 5 Micron Whole House
Carbon Filter Package

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Free Shipping on WH2 Premium 5 Micron Whole House <br>Carbon Filter Package

ClearPlus WH2 Premium 5 Micron Whole House <br>Carbon Filter Package

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Our very popular WH2 whole house filter package features dual stage filtration for a wide range of common contaminants that affect the clarity, taste, and odor of residential water. This system features Hydronix's unique multi-depth poly sediment filter which removes dirt, sediment, rust particles, and other particulates down to a level of 10 microns thereby protecting the carbon filter and preserving its capacity. This filter uses the entire depth of its media by trapping the largest sediment particles on the outside of the filter, then gradually stepping down the size of particles it will reject as the water moves closer to the core of the filter. The outer layer is rated at 75 microns. The subsequent layers are rated at 50 microns, 25 microns, and finally 10 microns. The result is longer filter life and higher flow rates (less pressure drop). The polypropylene media is highly resistant to bacteria, making this an excellent choice for well, lake, and stream water treatment applications, in addition to city water.

This filter is followed by Pentek's EP Series 5 micron carbon block filter which features greater chlorine removal and dirt-holding capacity than competitor's filters of a similar size. The high porosity-design helps prevent the cartridge from clogging before its absorption capacity is exhausted, maximizing the utilization of the activated carbon media. The carbon block filter has excellent chlorine reduction characteristics and is also commonly used to remove chlorine disinfection by-products (THM's), and a wide range of organic and volatile organic compounds (VOC's) that affect water clarity, taste, and odor. Minimum chlorine reduction of 90% over a filter life of 22,000 gallons at a flow rate of 2 GPM (83,300 L @ 7.6 LPM).

This system is a popular choice for well water owners requiring filtration down to a level of 5 microns for a whole house UV sterilizer, especially where elevated levels of organic contaminants are present (organic contaminants can absorb UV light).

Included in package:

  • two (2) heavy-duty Pentek Big Blue 10" filter housings (1" NPT) w/ pressure relief buttons
  • one (1) powder-coated mounting bracket and related screws
  • one (1) Hydronix SDC-45-1010 multi-gradient 10 micron sediment filter cartridge
  • one (1) Pentek EP-BB 5 micron carbon block cartridge filter
  • one (1) spanner wrench
  • one (1) 1" brass housing coupler used to join the 2 filter housings
  • one (1) roll of Teflon tape

Do you like this filter but need even more flow rate capacity?
Check out our
WH2-HF High Flow Series Carbon Filter

Applications & Suitability:

The WH2 is our most popular general purpose whole house water filter package. It is well suited to sediment and particulate removal as well as the reduction of chlorine, chlorine disinfection bi-products like trihalomethanes (THM's), a wide range of volatile organic compounds, and other contaminants responsible for bad tastes and odors. The WH2 is an excellent choice for well water, lake water, stream water, and municipal (city) water treatment applications. For best results, we recommend a maximum flow rate of about 4 gallons per minute, which is sufficient for an average residential application (for higher flow rates, see our WH2-HF High Flow Series Carbon Block Filter).

Note: Some municipalities disinfect their water with chloramine instead of chlorine. We recommend that you confirm which disinfectant your city uses to treat your water supply so you can ensure that you choose the best filter for your needs. If your water supply is treated with chloramine, we highly recommend that you consider the WH Chloramine filter which uses a special catalytic carbon to enhance chloramine removal.

ClearPlus WH2 Specifications

Features & Specifications:
Micron Rating: 5 microns nominal
Max. Recommended Flow Rate
(Gallons per Minute):
4 GPM (15 LPM)
Pressure Drop @ Maximum Flow Rate: < 3.5 PSI
Housing: Two Heavy Duty Pentek Big Blue Housings (10")
Inlet/Outlet: 1" NPT (female)
Replacement Sediment Pre-Filter: Hydronix SDC-45-1010
Replacement Carbon Filter: Pentek EP-BB
Estimated Carbon Filter Life: 22,000 gallons (83,300 L)
Recommended Operating Temp. Range: 40-100F (4.4 to 37C)
Maximum Recommended Water Pressure: 100 PSI (6.9 bar)
Recommended Uses: ratings scale
Sediment, Dirt, Rust Particles, Turbidity excellent rating
Chlorine, THMs, Bad Tastes & Odors Very Good Rating
Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs)* Good Removal

* Many factors can affect filter life including contaminant levels, flow rates, etc. Estimated filter life based on 2ppm free available chlorine (FAC), 2 GPM continuous flow, and minimum 90% chlorine reduction.

Why choose the WH2 Whole House Carbon Filter Package?

  • greater chlorine removal and dirt-holding capacity than competitor's filters of a similar size - the high porosity-design helps prevent the cartridge from clogging before its absorption capacity is exhausted, maximizing the utilization of the activated carbon media
  • carbon block design reduces "fines" and prevents channeling which can reduce effectiveness of many competitors' granular activated carbon filters
  • we use only the highest quality brand-name heavy duty filter housings with large diameter inlet and outlet for less pressure drop and better flow dynamics
  • housings and filters are NSF Certified (Standard 42 for material requirements)
  • we use standard filter sizes so you will always be able to obtain replacement filters for your system
  • many competitors use small 2.5" x 10" filters in their whole house filter systems, resulting in poor water pressure, short filter life, and less than optimal flow characteristics - we use filters with much greater surface area and dirt-holding capacity to maximize contaminant removal, improve water pressure and flow characteristics, and extend filter life so you have less maintenance to do!
  • includes sturdy powder-coated steel mounting bracket and spanner wrench!
  • great pricing on system packages are replacement filters - guaranteed best prices and free shipping in USA and Canada on all replacement filters purchased by the case!

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