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Pentek FreshPoint U440 Ultrafiltration Without Controller #61788-02

FreshPoint No Controller Option for Parallel Flow Configurations or External Flush Trigger

Alternate Part Number: 160375

The Pentek U440 Freshpoint Ultrafiltration System was discontinued by the manufacturer in October 2017 and is no longer available. We are pleased to stock replacement UF membranes for the U440 system and have been informed by the manufacturer that they will be available for at least an additonal 5 years (until late 2022).

We are also pleased to offer an alternative ultrafiltration system, the UltraPlus+ UP-12 The UltraPlus+ UP-12 uses a superior outside-in membrane with much longer membrane life, but consequently costs more than a U440's initial price. However, over the life of a system, the overall operating cost and cost of ownership is lower due to the less frequent membrane replacement.

The FreshPoint U440 is also offered without a controller.

When used without a controller, the system flush can be triggered from the auxiliary relay of any Fleck brand softener or filter control with XT or NT controllers, a differential pressure switch, or even using manual ball valves.

When multiple FreshPoint systems are installed in parallel flow configurations to increase service flow capacity, the flush cycle for multiple units can be triggered from a single meter and controller. Accordingly, only one system with a controller would need to be purchased, and all other systems can be purchased without a controller to reduce cost.

Features and Benefits:

  • reduced upfront cost for systems with an external flush trigger
  • reduced capital cost for systems incorporating multiple FreshPoint units in parallel flow configurations for higher flow rates