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Viqua / Sterilight QSO-410 UV Sleeve

Viqua Sterilight QSO-410 Sleeve

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Guaranteed Genuine Viqua Sterilight QSO-410 Original Equipment Sleeve. Don't be Fooled by Knock-Offs!

Viqua Sterilight QSO-410 Sleeve

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We are pleased to offer a complete selection of replacement quartz sleeves for all Sterilight ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers.

The Sterilight Model #QSO-410 replacement sleeve is designed only for use in certain UV sterilizers manufactured by Viqua (formerly R-Can) as listed below. Viqua manufacturers several UV sterilizers on an OEM basis for other companies. This sleeve is the OEM replacement for the Pelican™ PUV-14, Aquasana™ AQ-UV-HIFLOW-SLEEVE, and A.O Smith™ AO-UV-HF-Quartz.

It is critical that only genuine Sterilight brand original equipment sleeves be used in your system. It has come to our attention that a number of Chinese manufacturers are making knock-off replica UV sleeves. While they may physically fit in a Sterilight or Viqua system, they are NOT compatible. Testing of a wide range of these sleeves has shown that many do not allow a safe UV dose to pass through the sleeve and may be subject to failure.

Sterilight QSO-410 is the sleeve for the following models:

  • VH410
  • VH410-F20
  • VH410M
  • Pelican™ PUV-14 *
  • Aquasana™ Sterilight AQ-UV-HIFLOW **
  • Aquasana™ Sterilight SC410-A **
  • A.O Smith AO-WH-UV ***

Sterilight QSO-410 Specifications

Technical Specifications
Part # QSO-410
Replace Sleeve every 24 Months or as needed

Replacement Lamp
Part#: S410RL-HO

Replacement Lamp <br>Part#: S410RL-HO

MSRP: US$167.00
Our Price: US$142.00
You save: $25.00

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Replacement Lamp/Sleeve Combo
Part#: QL-410

Replacement Lamp/Sleeve Combo<br>Part#: QL-410

MSRP: US$208.00
Our Price: US$177.00
You save: $31.00

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How to change a Sterilight QSO-410 Sleeve

  1. Turn off water supply valve to UV sterilizer
  2. Turn on faucet elsewhere in the home to depressurize the system
  3. Disconnect your UV system from power (unplug unit)
  4. Allow system to cool for 5 - 10 minutes
  5. Follow instructions for removing lamp
  6. Remove the top retaining nut & O-ring
  7. Remove the bottom retaining nut, Spring and loosen the O-ring to drain the water
  8. Remove the quartz sleeve from the UV chamber.
  9. Clean the quartz sleeve with a cloth soaked in CLR, vinegar or some other mild acid and then rinse with water.
  10. If quartz sleeve can not be cleaned purchase a new sleeve.
  11. Re-insert the quartz sleeve with O-ring(s), Spring, and retaining nut(s).
  12. Hand tighten the retaining nut(s), taking care not to over-tighten.
  13. When service is complete, assemble the prerequisites in the reverse order of disassembly.
  14. Turn on water supply valve
  15. Check for leaks
  16. Close faucet elsewhere in the home

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Viqua Sterilight QSO-410 Sleeve Customer Questions & Answers

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It is critical that only genuine Viqua brand original equipment lamps be used in your system. It has come to our attention that a number of Chinese manufacturers are making knock-off replica UV lamps. While they may physically fit in a Viqua system, they are NOT compatible. Testing of a wide range of these lamps has shown that many do not provide a safe UV dose or offer protection for the stated lamp life, and in some cases have even caused the failure of the ballast/controller and melting of the lamp harness.

* "Pelican™" is a trademark of, An Enviro Water Solutions, Inc. Company
** "Aquasana™" is a trademark of Aquasana, Inc.
*** "A.O. Smith™" is a trademark of A.O. Smith Corporation