Sterilight S810RL Lamp

Sterilight S810RL Lamp

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Guaranteed Genuine Sterilight S810RL Original Equipment Lamp. Don't be Fooled by Knock-Offs!

Sterilight S810RL Lamp

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The sterilight S810RL replacement lamp fits our very popular Sterilight S8Q-PA as well as the discontinued Sterilight SSM-37 uv sterilizer. This is a genuine Sterilight OEM replacement lamp and should be replaced every 12 months for optimal sterilization and safety.

Sterilight S810RL replacement lamps are designed only for use in Sterilight UV sterilizers. We do not recommend that you attempt to use Sterilight replacement lamps in models made by other manufacturers.

Sterilight S810RL is the replacement lamp for the following models:

Sterilight S810RL Specifications

Technical Specifications
Part # S810RL - 8400904
Max Flow 10 gpm
Lamp Power 37 Watts
Lamp Life 12 Months
Lamp Size 61 cm (31.9")
GTIN 00773058026949

Replacement Sleeve

Replacement Sleeve <br>Part#:QS-810

MSRP: US$55.00
Our Price: US$45.00
You save: $10

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Replacement Lamp/Sleeve Combo

Replacement Lamp/Sleeve Combo<br>Part#:S810-QL

MSRP: US$152.00
Our Price: US$129.00
You save: $23

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Lamp 12 Pack

Lamp 12 Pack<br>Part#:S810RL/12

MSRP: US$1349.00
Our Price: US$945.00
You save: $404

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How to change a Sterilight S810RL Lamp

  1. Turn off water supply valve to UV sterilizer
  2. Turn on faucet elsewhere in the home to depressurize the system
  3. Disconnect your UV system from power (unplug unit)
  4. Allow system to cool for 5 - 10 minutes
  5. Put on clean gloves
  6. Squeeze tabs on lamp connector and lift straight up
  7. Disconnect lamp connector from Sterilight S810RL lamp
  8. Remove Sterilight S810RL lamp from system
  9. Insert new Sterilight S810RL lamp into the system
  10. Line up longest pin on lamp to shortest pin on lamp connector
  11. Once the Sterilight S810RL lamp and lamp connector are attached slide assembly down towards chamber until you hear a click & it is attached
  12. Hold down reset button on side of power supply to reset day counter & plug in UV system
  13. Screen will display RSET
  14. Slowly open water supply valve to UV sterilizer
  15. Check for leaks
  16. Close faucet elsewhere in the home
Note: The Sterilight Sterilight S810RL is a fluorescent lamp and can be recycled at most hardware stores or your local hazardous waste facility.

Sterilight S810RL Lamp Reviews

Highly Recommend5 Stars
My son and I both have this product and recomend it very highly. - Brenda
UV Light & sleeve5 Stars
Service was excellent. Products arrived on time and in Perfect Working Condition. Will continue ordering from this supplier. - Louis
Sterility lamp5 Stars
Ordered lamp, received as advertised, installed and working fine - Richard D
Real replacement tube5 Stars
I had purchased from another manufacturer a pair of supposed direct replacement tubes. These did not fit at all and one did not even strike. The one purchased here was an exact fit and worked perfectly well. - Jean C
love my gravity-fed spring5 Stars
No worries with my Sterilight UV system for 12 years. Thanks for making it easy to maintain. I don't trust knockoff brand replacement bulbs; my health is too important to risk for a small savings. - JHarrell
S810RL UV replacement lamp 5 Stars
Product came promptly, easy to install with great directions. No problem done in 10 minutes. -
5 Stars
Easy to install , clear directions - Jack R.
UV Light works as expected 5 Stars
Purchased a UV light. buying brand name at great rates is the way to do don't go with the cheap fakes because you get what you pay for. i'll be coming back here next year. - Rick F
Sterilight Lamps,Sleeves, and Filters5 Stars
Best service and prices available. Allow yourself a few extra days if you live in the eastern US. I will be a repeat customer. - Ken
UV replacement lamp 5 Stars
- Daryll Driscoll
UV Light works as expected5 Stars
great deal and fast delivery - Rick F.

It is critical that only genuine Viqua brand original equipment lamps be used in your system. It has come to our attention that a number of Chinese manufacturers are making knock-off replica UV lamps. While they may physically fit in a Viqua system, they are NOT compatible. Testing of a wide range of these lamps has shown that many do not provide a safe UV dose or offer protection for the stated lamp life, and in some cases have even caused the failure of the ballast/controller and melting of the lamp harness.