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Crystal-Right™ CR-100

Mineral-Right Crystal-Right CR-100

Mineral-Right Crystal-Right CR-100

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man-made cation exchange zeolite used for water softening and the concurrent removal of iron and manganese, and pH boost

Developed early in the 20th century by Emmitt Culligan and Fred Linsey, Crystal-Right™ media remains today as a top ion exchange media for the removal of hardness, iron, and manganese, and minor pH correction in a single pass. It has a much higher tolerance of iron and manganese than conventional cation exchange resins and due to its angular surfaces, makes a much better general filtration media to remove suspended particulate. Filtration to 20 microns or better is achievable.

  • removes hardness and high levels of iron and manganese, and boosts pH in a single pass
  • superior particulate filtration as compared to standard cation softening resin
  • high tolerance of chlorine - will not break down the media
  • NSF/ANSI-61 validated for material safety requirements by WQA

Crystal-Right™ CR-100 is designed specifically for water treatment applications where the pH level is in the 6-7 range. It will raise the pH to prevent corrosion. For applications where the pH level is greater than 7.0, we recommend Crystal-Right™ CR-200 media which has higher cation exchange capacity.

CR-100 should be regenerated with basic sodium chloride salt with no resin cleaning additives. It has a maximum ion exchange capacity of approximately 17,000 grains per cubic foot at 6 lbs of salt per cubic foot.

In Canada, Crystal-Right™ media is used in Viqua brand Sanitizer Series water softeners and may be purchased in a cubic foot bag or half cubic foot bag for the purpose of re-bedding an existing Viqua Sanitizer Series water softener or tannin filter. Due to established distribution territories, we do not ship Crystal-Right media to the U.S.A. or otherwise outside of Canada.

CR-100 is the recommended replacement media for the following Viqua Sanitizer series water softeners:
AWP1054SE1, AWP1054SE1-HS, AWP1354SE1, AWP1354SE1-HS, AWP1465SE1, AWP1465SE1-HS, AWP1665SE1, AWP1665SE1-HS, TUV1054SE1, TUV1054SE1-HS, TUV1354SE1, TUV1354SE1-HS, TUV1465SE1, TUV1465SE1-HS, TUV1665SE1, TUV1665SE1-HS.

CR-100 media is also used in Viqua's tannin removal filters to neutralize pH reductions that typically occur after anion exchange treatment for organics.

Operating Conditions / Requirements:
Regenerant: Sodium chloride (Salt)
w/ no additives/cleaners
Minimum TDS: 80 ppm or mg/l
Minimum Hardness: 3 Grains per Gallon (51 ppm or mg/l)
Maximum Hardness: 50 Grains per Gallon (855 ppm or mg/l)
Maximum Iron/Manganese: 15 ppm or mg/l combined
Rec. Service Flow Rate: 5-10 GPM/ft2
Flow Direction: Downward Flow
Backwash Flow Rate: 8-10 GPM/ft2
pH Range: 6 to 11
Weight: 50 lbs per Ft3
CR100 Spec Sheet
Specification Sheet
NSF/ANSI 61 Validated by WQA

Crystal-Right is a registered trade name of Mineral-Right, Inc