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Crystal-Right™ CR-200

Mineral-Right Crystal-Right CR-200

Mineral-Right Crystal-Right CR-200

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man-made cation exchange zeolite used for water softening and the concurrent removal of iron and manganese

Developed early in the 20th century by Emmitt Culligan and Fred Linsey, Crystal-Right™ media remains today as a top ion exchange media for the removal of hardness, iron, and manganese in a single pass. It has a much higher tolerance of iron and manganese than conventional cation exchange resins and due to its angular surfaces, makes a much better general filtration media to remove suspended particulate. Filtration to 20 microns or better is achievable.

  • removes hardness and high levels of iron and manganese in a single pass
  • superior particulate filtration as compared to standard cation softening resin
  • high tolerance of chlorine - will not break down the media
  • NSF/ANSI-61 validated for material safety requirements by WQA

Crystal-Right™ CR-200 is designed specifically for water treatment applications where the pH level exceeds 7.0. For applications where the pH level is less than 7.0, we recommend Crystal-Right™ CR-100 media which has the additional capability of neutralizing low pH.

CR-200 should be regenerated with basic sodium chloride salt with no resin cleaning additives. It has a maximum ion exchange capacity of approximately 22,000 grains per cubic foot at 6 lbs of salt per cubic foot.

In Canada, Crystal-Right™ media is used in Viqua brand Sanitizer Series water softeners and may be purchased in a cubic foot bag or half cubic foot bag for the purpose of re-bedding an existing Viqua Sanitizer Series water softener. Due to established distribution territories, we do not ship Crystal-Right media to the U.S.A. or otherwise outside of Canada or for purposes other than re-bedding an existing unit.

CR-200 is the recommended replacement media for the following Viqua Sanitizer series water softeners:
AWP1054SE2, AWP1054SE2-HS, AWP1354SE2, AWP1354SE2-HS, AWP1465SE2, AWP1465SE2-HS, AWP1665SE2, AWP1665SE2-HS, TUV1054SE2, TUV1054SE2-HS, TUV1354SE2, TUV1354SE2-HS, TUV1465SE2, TUV1465SE2-HS, TUV1665SE2, TUV1665SE2-HS.

Operating Conditions / Requirements:
Regenerant: Sodium chloride (Salt)
w/ no additives/cleaners
Minimum TDS: 80 ppm or mg/l
Minimum Hardness: 3 Grains per Gallon (51 ppm or mg/l)
Maximum Hardness: 50 Grains per Gallon (855 ppm or mg/l)
Maximum Iron/Manganese: 15 ppm or mg/l combined
Rec. Service Flow Rate: 5-10 GPM/ft2
Flow Direction: Downward Flow
Backwash Flow Rate: 6-8 GPM/ft2
pH Range: 7 to 11
Weight: 50 lbs per Ft3
CR200 Spec Sheet
Specification Sheet
NSF/ANSI 61 Validated by WQA

Crystal-Right is a registered trade name of Mineral-Right, Inc