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Trojan UVMax Model B Power Supply / Controller / Ballast #650716-005

Trojan UVMax Model B Power Supply/Controller/Ballast <br>#650716-005


Trojan UVMax Model B Power Supply/Controller/Ballast

The Trojan UVMax Model B Power Supply/Controller/Ballast
#650716-005 has been replaced by:
UVMax Ballast #650716-006

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Part Number: 650716-005

This ballast is no longer available, but has been replaced by UVMax ballast #650716-006 (click for details) which has identical features.

This is the genuine original equipment replacement UV power supply / controller / ballast for the Trojan UVMax Model B UV sterilizer. This ballast replaces the blue controller box that came with the original Trojan UVMax Model B.


Voltage: 120 volts
Weight: 0.9 KG (2 LB)

Power cord included!

If you require the 230 volt version of this ballast, part number #650716-011, please call us toll free at 1-866-376-2690 to order.

We only sell genuine UVMax brand replacement parts from Viqua. The use of non-original equipment with your UV system could void your warranty and/or result in system damage, pre-mature lamp failure, loss of equipment validation, inadequate water disinfection, and even hazardous electrical shorts. Don't settle for anything less than genuine UVMax parts for your system. Beware of knock-offs!

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