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Aqua Flo SED-10 Blue Sediment Filter (#65010086)
for Aqua Flo 475QC RO System

Aqua Flo SED-10 Blue (##65010086)
Quick-Change Sediment Filter

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Aqua Flo SED-10 Blue (##65010086)<br>Quick-Change Sediment Filter

Traps silt/dust, rust and sand which may affect the taste and look of your water, while at the same time protecting the other filters in the system from premature fouling. This filter is used as stage 1 of the Aqua Flo 475QC-4 quick-change 4 stage RO filter, the Aqua Flo 3-Stage Quick-Change Drinking Water Filter System w/ Ultrafiltration (#475QC-3), and the Aqua Flo Dual Stage Sediment / Taste & Odor filtration system (#475QC-2).

Note: This filter is designed only for use on Aqua Flo 475 Systems. It is not intended to be used on other brands and models of quick-change undersink water filters.


Rating: 5 Micron
Estimated Life: Replace every 3-6 months
Flow Rate: 1 gpm
Filter Capacity: 900 gallons

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