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Pentek FreshPoint U440 Ultrafiltration Back Flush Kit
Without Tank #61667-12

extend the life and performance of your FreshPoint membrane through using a treated water backflush

The Pentek U440 Freshpoint Ultrafiltration System was discontinued by the manufacturer in October 2017. Consequently, this item is no longer available

We strongly recommend that all installations of the FreshPoint U440 Ultrafiltration System include the optional treated water back flush kit. In back flush mode, treated water from the tank flows backwards through the membrane, providing a superior backwash to remove contaminants that may cause pre-mature membrane fouling, reduced service flow rates, and shortened membrane life. During the back flush cycle, treated water is also supplied to the home or business from the backflush tank.

Note: This kit is sold without a pressure tank which is required for operation. The same kit is available with a 40 gallon backflush tank: (Kit #61667-11)

For more information, see the FreshPoint Back Flush Kit Service Bulletin for details.

Kit Includes:

  • 3/4" normally open solenoid valve
  • solenoid wire harness
  • 3/4" PVC tee
  • 120 volt transformer

Features and Benefits:

  • maintains high service flow rates
  • reduces UF membrane fouling and significantly extends membrane life
  • provide service water to home or business during flush cycle