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Vectapure V360212CC05 Green Replacement Carbon Filter
for Vectapure V360 4 Stage RO System

Vectapure Vectapure V360212CC05 Green
Quick-Change Carbon Filter

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Vectapure Vectapure V360212CC05 Green<br>Quick-Change Carbon Filter

Reduces chlorine, organochlorine compounds, chlorination disinfection byproducts (THMs and HAs), many VOCs and more. Improves the taste and odor of the water. This filter is used as stage 2 and stage 4 of theVectapure V360 4 Stage RO System.

Note: This filter is designed only for use on Vectapure V360 4 Stage RO System. It is not intended to be used on other brands and models of quick-change RO units.


Rating: 5 Micron
Estimated Life: Replace every 3 - 6 months

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