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Titan-Ox MetSorb Arsenic / Heavy Metal Treatment System - TOx-5800SXT-10-54 - US$

Excellent Product 5 Stars
By Harvey H.
The Titan water purifier has worked as advertised. Our water supply has over EPA levels of both arsenic and uranium and the Titan reduced both elements to way below the maximums allowed. We are very pleased with our purchase.

Beyond satisfied! 5 Stars
I installed my own system and have been nothing but 100% satisfied by the whole experience. I compared this system to what a reputable local company was offering and got twice the system for the same price. The Team at HomePlus Water Products was very knowledgable and always readily available for any questions or concerns I had a long the way. A++ all the way.

Exactly what I needed5 Stars
By David Houde
I bought a new house and found that there was arsenic in the well during the inspection (43.3 ppb). I bought the 2 cubic foot model for a 2200 sqft, 2 1/2 bath home. I have not noticed a reduction in pressure at all with this system. I had the water tested again by a professional testing lab and the results came back with a "none detected" result.

Be sure to look at the various levels of other components of the water (iron, pH, etc). I had to add three additional filters before this system to get rid some things that were too high. Those filters were under $500 and allowed this filter to work properly.