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Titan-Ox MetSorb Arsenic / Heavy Metal Treatment System - TOx-5800SXT-10-54 - US$

Exactly what I needed5 Stars
By David Houde
I bought a new house and found that there was arsenic in the well during the inspection (43.3 ppb). I bought the 2 cubic foot model for a 2200 sqft, 2 1/2 bath home. I have not noticed a reduction in pressure at all with this system. I had the water tested again by a professional testing lab and the results came back with a "none detected" result.

Be sure to look at the various levels of other components of the water (iron, pH, etc). I had to add three additional filters before this system to get rid some things that were too high. Those filters were under $500 and allowed this filter to work properly.

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