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Pentek RFFE20-BB Radial-Flow Iron Reduction (20 inch BB) Water Filter - US

Water filter5 Stars
By Phyllis B
Arrived on time, price was very reasonable ,no complaints here. Thanks!

Untitled5 Stars
By Charles M.
The filter lasts 8 months and we have 3 people living in this house. The bathroom are much cleaner.

iron and sulphite reduction filter4 Stars
By Sivia G
Reducing sulphates is tough. This filter works as well as a filter can.

Iron filter4 Stars
By Verified Customer

So So4 Stars
By Carlos
I have purchased 3 of these so far, and I think it needs improved to remove more iron from my well water. The rust forms in my toilet tanks and bowls, not as bad as it was, only 50% improvement. Me and my wife are the only occupants of our home and I try and replace it every 6 months or so. Would need to replace more often if there were more occupants and that can become expensive.

Untitled5 Stars
By Charles M
The filter did what I wanted it to do.

Good product5 Stars
By Joe
Good product and fast shipping

Untitled5 Stars
By Christi

Iron Reduction 4 Stars
By Kyle L
The Pentek RFFE20-BB Radial-Flow Iron Reduction (20 inch BB) Water Filter has been working well to remove iron from our well water. I wish I had a easy way to test to know when to replace

5 Stars
By Charles M.
Very good product. It works.

Pentek RFFE20-BB 5 Stars
By Paul B.
We use this filter in our condo to eliminate the smelly hot water from our water heater. As long as we change the filter once or twice a year everything is great.

5 Stars
By Bone Creek Wilderness Retreat

Iron Sulphite filter5 Stars
Seems to work well.

Iron, Coloform and the UV Light5 Stars
By Ted from Maine
Faced w/a dug well w/ a failing water test due to presence of coliform I installed a pur-test UV light only to have the test fail again. The efficiency of a UV light is diminished by turbidity which I had due to a high iron content. With money and space unavailable for a chlorinator and settling tank I took a chance on the radial flow filter as a last hope short of a new drilled well. Can say it has greatly reduced the iron turbidity (looked like weak tea). Have not had an additional water test done as I'm tired of spending money on this but with clear water and UV running its certainly better than the previous 6 months when I drank it high in iron w/coliform w/no negative effects!! *** installed 5 micron poly-spun pre-filter to Radial Flow as suggested and a .35 micron poly-spun pre-filter to the UV Light!!! These 2 filters are washable and collect iron as well no matter they are not designed for it.

Iron Filter 5 Stars
By Charles E. Masilonis
The only think I would change is the cartridge. The Cartridge could be clear like sediment filters. This would help know when to change the filter.

Great Results5 Stars
By Steve S
Few products perform as advertised, but these filters perform as advertised. Best filters I've ever used.

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