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ClearPlus WH5B Iron Reduction Filter Pkg w/ Sediment Pre-Filter - US$

Good Product5 Stars
By R.J. S
Easy to install, good value, cleared up iron problem quickly

Good product5 Stars
By Joe
Good product

Untitled5 Stars
By Mila A.
We are satisfied with the quality of our filter. We will always order from this company.

Clear Plus WH5B Iron Reduction Filter Pkg with sediment pre-filter5 Stars
By Barbara B.
I spoke to someone in your office and he said this particular filter should solve by iron-rust problem and it has. Thanks.

An Honest Product 4 Stars
By Ron K
Blue filter tub could use a drain plug as the weight of housing, filter and residual water is quite heavy when servicing is required. Black upper housing and blue filter tub need a protruding filter guide to ensure filter is centered. The upper housing white wall bracket is not at 90 degrees when final installation is achieved. The metal gauge could be increased or metal hardened to prevent gravity from bending the the bracket. This causes the filter tub to lean a few degrees and consequently causing filter misalignment with the upper housing. Otherwise system operates as intended, very well. Please implement these suggested improvements for a finer total product.

So far so good 3 Stars
By Bill K
I ordered the two stage filter system after communicating with the very helpful Ryan at HomePlus, and deciding what seemed like a product that should solve my water issues. Service was excellent - easy to place order and the filters showed up within a couple of days. Everything was easy to assemble - I have units outdoors at an RV, so had to get some adaptation to hose fittings - easy at local hardware. I have a sediment filter, followed by an iron bacteria filter - so far so good although it is too early to tell. In the past our water has gotten progressively stinkier over a few weeks - then I bleached out lines and good for a while again. So, three weeks in and so far so good - I have great expectations !!

Highly recommended water cartridge system 5 Stars
By Under the Sun
We purchased our first WH5 whole house water filter system back in 2006. We recently installed the WH5B in our new home, after removing the inexpensive water filter recommended by a plumber. As a home builder, water systems need to be done right the first time. We now do our own plumbing and will only use whole house water filter systems from Home Plus Products. They work perfectly, are worth every dollar spent, and provide quality drinking water right from the tap. Thank you for shipping to the United States!