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April Shower High Output Series Shower Filter - White Plastic Housing - US$

Life Changing Discovery! 5 Stars
By John K
Before my initial purchase of the April Shower High Output Shower Filter, after my morning shower I would experience a severe energy "crash". The fatigue I felt was actually debilitating. I found it nearly impossible to function normally. I did a search as to why a shower would cause this fatigue and was fascinated to read a doctor's testimonial on the effects of the changes that occur to chlorine during a normal shower on this website. I took a chance and ordered the April Shower Filter and extra filters. I felt an unmistakeable difference in my energy the very first shower after I installed it! I now would not be without it. The instructions tell you to turn the filter over after 6 months and it will last for a year. When I lose sight of this and I don't "flip it" after 6 months I begin to feel the fatigue again which jogs my memory, I turn it over and all is well again! I highly recommend this product to anyone who is trying to get to the root cause of unexplainable fatigue. It's worth a try!

good but gac would be good along with kdf4 Stars
By noralk
Good output but would prefer it came with KDF and GAC combination