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Purolite C100EFM Water Softener Resin

Purolite C100EFM <br>Fine Mesh Cation Water Softening Resin

Purolite C100EFM
Fine Mesh Cation Water Softening Resin

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high-capacity and economical fine mesh cation exchange water softening resin for applications requiring fouling resistance

Purolite C100EFM fine mesh cation water softener resin is a high-capacity and economical ion exchange water softening resin used in new water softeners and to re-bed existing water softeners.

  • gel polystyrene strong acid cation exchange resin
  • Lower rinse volumes
  • high capacity of up to 33,000 grains per cubic foot
  • Superior regeneration
  • Water Quality Association Gold Seal Validated to conform to NSF/ANSI Standard 61
  • Made in the USA
Operating Conditions / Requirements:
Polymer Structure: Gel polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene
Physical Form / Appearance: Spherical beads
Functional Groups: Sulfonic Acid
Ionic Form as Shipped: Na+ form
Regenerant: Sodium or Potassium chloride
Recommended Service Flow Rate: 5-7.5 GPM/ft3
Flow Direction: Downward Flow
Backwash Flow Rate: 5-6 GPM/ft2
Typical Freeboard: 50%
Recommended Bed Depth: 30-36 Inches
Maximum Feed Temperature: 120°C (248.0°F)
pH Range: 0 to 14
Weight: Approx. 50 lbs per Ft3