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Pentek P25 Water Filter (#155015-43)

Alternate Part Numbers: 15501543

Pentek P25 - Case of 24

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Recommended Alternative Filters:

ModelPrice ($USD)
Pentek PD-25-934
Longer Life
Case of 24
Pentek P25Pentek
Appropriate for City Water

City Water

Appropriate for Well Water

Well Water

Recommended for the treatment/removal of:

Sediment, Dirt, Rust Particles

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Description, Features & Benefits

Manufacturer/Brand: Pentek
Filter Series: P
Part Number: 155015-43
Alternate Part Number(s): 15501543
Type: Sediment - Spun
Material(s): Polypropylene
Size: 2 3/8 x 9 7/8 Inches (61 x 251mm)
Micron Rating: 25 (Nominal)
Pressure Loss: 0.2 psi @ 5 GPM
Validation: NSF42
Specifications Sheet: Pentek P Series Specs

P25 cartridges are manufactured from pure 100% polypropylene fibers. The fibers have been carefully spun together to form a true gradient density from outer to inner surfaces.

P25 cartridges are designed for purity. They will not impart taste, odor or color to the liquid being filtered when used within the recommended temperature limit. Additionally, the polypropylene construction provides superior chemical resistance and is not prone to bacterial attack.

The coreless strength of the cartridges is achieved by sintering the many fibers into a solid matrix.

  • Manufactured from pure 100% polypropylene
  • Designed for purity and chemical compatibility
  • Spun fibers form a true gradient density from outer to inner surfaces

In Series Filters

Pentek P1
6 P1Starting at:
USD$3.75 per filter

Size: 2.5 x10
1 microns

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Pentek P1-20
6 P1-20Starting at:
USD$6.65 per filter

Size: 2.5 x 20
1 microns

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Pentek P1-30
6 P1-30Starting at:
USD$8.60 per filter

Size: 2.5 x 30
1 microns

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Pentek P-250
6 P-250Starting at:
USD$28.00 per filter

Size: Inline
0.5 microns

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Pentek P-250A
6 P-250AStarting at:
USD$31.25 per filter

Size: Inline
0.5 microns

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Pentek P25-20
6 P25-20Starting at:
USD$6.05 per filter

Size: 2.5 x 20
25 microns

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Pentek P5
6 P5Starting at:
USD$2.50 per filter

Size: 2.5 x10
5 microns

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Pentek P5-20
6 P5-20Starting at:
USD$6.20 per filter

Size: 2.5 x 20
5 microns

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Pentek P5-30
6 P5-30Starting at:
USD$8.20 per filter

Size: 2.5 x 30
5 microns

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Pentek P5-478
6 P5-478Starting at:
USD$2.93 per filter

Size: 2.5 x 5
5 microns

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Pentek PD-25-934
Pentek PD-25-934

Starting at:
USD$5.03 per filter

Longer Life

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Pentek P25 Reviews

Smart buy5 Stars
I have well water that has lots of iron and the water smells of rotten eggs. My son in law's father mentioned he had a system that took care of his problems. He found the system on line for me. I bought it and gave it to my plumber to install. He was not familiar with it but he took the install directions and said he would put the system in. Within two days after the install there was a visible difference in the smell and no more iron stains in the sink or toilets. On my second month and I am totally pleased. My plumber is considering becoming a dealer. One of my smartest buys! - Larry

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very pleased with product - bubka
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These filter better so now the change interval is 2 months rather than the old 3 months....but that's a good thing. - Kenny
5 Stars
love it - joseph k
Long time purchaser of water filters 5 Stars
Have purchased from this company since 2006 where I bought my water filter from them that is still in use today. Nobody can beat their price on water filters and water filter systems! - Matt
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I love the products - Josh
Excellent service and products5 Stars
We've purchased your filters for years. Recently we purchased your new faucet. We are very pleased with your service, how well the filters work and love the new up-to-date faucet. We're ordering again. - Delores B.