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Ecosoft RO Membrane (CSV181250ECO / formerly CP-1812-50)

Ecosoft RO Membrane (CSV181250ECO)

The Ecosoft RO Membrane (CSV181250ECO) has been replaced by the
CSM 50GPD RO Membrane (CSM RE1812-50)

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Ecosoft RO Membrane (CSV181250ECO)

Ecosoft CSV181250ECO Membrane Specifications:
Membrane Type: Thin-Film Composite (TFC)
Service Life: 24-36 Months

The Ecosoft CSV181250ECO Reverse Osmosis membrane is a 50 gallon per day thin film composite (TFC) membrane designed for use in Ecosoft RO systems.

The Ecosoft CSV181250ECO is the recommended replacement reverse osmosis membrane for the Ecosoft MO550ECOEXP 5-stage and Ecosoft P'URE MO650MPUREECO 6-stage reverse osmosis systems. Due to its economical cost and comparable performance to more costly brand name membranes, it is also a popular replacement membrane for most reverse osmosis (RO) system that use standard 50 gallon per day RO membranes. This membrane has an expected service life of 2-3 years.