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ecoPLUS EP-1000-R Replacement Media

Replacement ecoPlus Media Kit for the EP-1000, EP-1000-UV, EP-1000-TAC, EP-1000-ULT

ecoPLUS EP-1000-R<br>Replacement Media Kit

ecoPLUS EP-1000-R
Replacement Media Kit

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The ecoPlus EP-1000-R Replacement Media Kit includes all the media required to rebed the ecoPlus tank of your EP-1000, EP-1000-UV, EP-1000-TAC, or EP-1000-ULT.

Gravel A proper gravel underbed distributes water flow evenly to prevent channeling in the filtration media.

KDF 55 KDF-55 Media is a patented zinc/copper redox media that removes or reduces a wide range of contaminants including chlorine, as well as water soluble heavy metals such as lead, copper, mercury, and chromium. KDF-55 extends the life of the activated carbon media and has a bacteriostatic effect that reduces the risk of bacterial, algae, and fungal fouling.

Calgon coconut shell activated carbon Brand-name, Calgon coconut shell activated carbon for the removal of chlorine, disinfection by-products, a wide range of volatile organic compounds (such as pesticides, herbicides, and chemical residuals), as well as a host of other contaminants that adversely affect the taste and smell of your water.

Centaur catalytic activated carbon True Centaur catalytic activated carbon to extend media life and enhance removal of chloramine, organics, and an even wider range of contaminants that impact the taste and smell of your water.