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How much does POE Cost?

Grant Robertson, B.B.A., CWT
Certified Water Technician
HomePlus Products Inc.
There are a lot of factors that impact POE cost, including the contaminants in your water, the risks associated with your water system, the amount of work your consultant/ supplier does to assist you in obtaining necessary health authority approvals and permits, the ease of access for installation, the remoteness of your community, etc. If no additional treatment beyond basic cartridge filtration and a UV sterilizer (and associated ancillary equipment), a good preliminary budget number is $3,000 per connection. Costs can vary significantly if additional treatment is required, or if exterior installation or a lockable enclosure is desired.

The aforementioned equipment validation requirements can have a material impact on some component costs, particularly for the UV sterilizer. Caution should be exercised when evaluating equipment options to ensure the equipment being considered will meet the necessary health authority guidelines.

To increase cost efficiencies, most POE systems are pre-assembled into a manufactured "panel" in a warehouse or factory environment rather than assembled at the installation site. This not only improves assembly efficiency and reduces costs, it also enhances standardization across the community which improves serviceability.