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AQUAtiva Replacement Whole House Carbon Filter

replacement filters for the AQUAtiva™ Whole House Carbon Water Filters

A number of AQUAtiva™ whole house filter systems included activated carbon pre-filters contained in 20 inch Big Blue filter housings. The following replacement filter cartridges are recommended:

Description / Model Replace Every... Price
Pentek RFC-20BB
Radial flow granular activated carbon filter to remove chlorine, bad tastes, and odors
4 to 6 months Click Here for Info & Pricing

AQUAtiva replacement water filtersWe have heard many complaints from AQUAtiva™ water filter system owners regarding the high price of original equipment AQUAtiva™ replacement filters. The good news is that the replacement filters and components for AQUAtiva™ whole house water filters, and reverse osmosis water filter systems are standard sizes, and we have many affordable, high quality replacement cartridges available. In fact, in many cases, our cartridges are the very same filters, made by the same manufacturer as the AQUAtiva™ replacement cartridge, for a fraction of the price! You can rest assured that our compatible replacement filters are of the highest quality - they are made by Pentek Filtration of Wisconsin, USA, one of world's largest water treatment products manufacturers.

Please note: Our company is not affiliated with AQUAtiva™ or its parent company, Covenant Air & Water LLC, in any way. We are not (and never have been) an AQUAtiva™ dealer and cannot assist you with any warranty or technical problems with your AQUAtiva™ system.

* AQUAtiva is a trademark of Covenant Air & Water, LLC.