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Aquafine UV Quartz Sleeve - #908116-017 (Replaces #45074)

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Guaranteed Genuine Aquafine #908116-017 Original Equipment Sleeve. Don't be Fooled by Knock-Offs!

Aquafine #908116-017 Replacement Sleeve

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This is a genuine Aquafine OEM replacement sleeve and should be replaced every 12 months for optimal sterilization and safety.

Aquafine #908116-017 replacement sleeves are designed only for use in OptiVenn Series UV sterilizers. We do not recommend that you attempt to use Aquafine replacement sleeves in models made by other manufacturers.

Aquafine 908116-017 Specifications

Technical Specifications
Part # #908116-017
Sleeve Length 17" (43cm)
Sleeve Material Quartz

Aquafine #908116-017 Replacement Sleeve Reviews


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Aquafine #908116-017 Replacement Sleeve Customer Questions & Answers

Question:How often to change this filter?

Technically the Pentek GAC 20BB is rated for 25,000 gallons @ 4.0 gpm (95,000L @ 15 Lpm) when used for chlorine taste and odour reduction. I use it on highly chlorinated city water and change it when I notice the chlorine smell coming back.
By HomePlus Water on Apr 29, 2024

It is critical that only genuine Trojan Aquafine brand original equipment lamps be used in your Aquafine system. It has come to our attention that a number of Chinese manufacturers are making knock-off replica UV lamps. While they may physically fit in an Aquafine system, they are NOT compatible. Testing of a wide range of these lamps has shown that many do not provide a safe UV dose or offer protection for the stated lamp life, and in some cases have even caused the failure of the ballast/controller and melting of the lamp harness.

The use of Non-Genuine lamps will void safety certifications (UL, CSA etc.) and damage other system components such as connectors, lamp plugs and ballasts leading to even higher operations and maintenance costs and increased maintenance. We only sell Genuine OEM replacement parts.