Trojan UVMax D4 Premium w/ LCD (#660089-R)

Trojan UVMax D4 Premium w/ LCD (#660089-R)

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Viqua UVMax D4 Premium
with LCD screen- #660089-R

The Viqua UVMax Model D4 Premium features all the benefits of the industry standard UVMax Model D4, with the added benefit of a new LCD Interactive Screen.

The large LCD backlit display is designed for easy reading and simultaneously displays lamp life remaining, UV Intensity Status (Plus series only), support contact information, and a lamp replacement reminder. The Viqua D4 Premium's LCD display features a user-friendly menu which provides easy to follow instructions for troubleshooting your UV, and allows the user to quickly find the replacement parts needed.

The Viqua UVMax D4 Premium can treat 9 - 12 gallons per minute of water, and can be equiped with an optional emergency solenoid shut-off kit.

UVMax Manual

UVMax Brochure
Model D4 Premium Specifications
Application average home
Maximum Flow Rate
12 GPM (45 LPM)
Maximum Flow Rate
9 GPM (34 LPM)
Backlit LCD Display
Intuitive, user-friendly menu
Multi-language support: English, French, Spanish
Soft-touch keys
Quick-reference instructions for system troubleshooting
Audible/Visual Lamp
Failure Alarm
No Tools Maintenance
Constant Current Electronic Power Supply
Handy Reference Card
Lamp Timer Display and Reset
Alarm Mute
UV Intensity Monitor optional
Emergency Solenoid Shut-Off Kit optional
Flow Restrictor optional
Water Chamber Material stainless
steel (304)
UV Sleeve Material quartz
Inlet/Oulet 3/4 inch NPT
Electrical 100-240v, 50/60HZ
Max. Current (AMPS) 0.5
Max. Power (watts) 50
Lamp Power (watts) 40
Lamp Length 16"
Chamber Assembly Size 20.5 x 4"
52 x 10cm
Control Module Size 8.5 x 6"
22 x 15 cm

* For most residential applications, we recommend a UV dose of at least 40 mJ/cm2. Flow rate recommendations are based on 95% UV transmittance (UVT) and after 9,000 hours of bulb operation.

Feed Water Quality Parameters
Iron 0.3 ppm
(0.3 mg/L)
Hardness 120 ppm
(7 grains/gal)
UV Transmittance (UVT): 75%
Maximum Temperature: 86F (30C)
Maximum Pressure: 125 psi

Options, Accessories and Replacement Parts

Viqua (Trojan) UVMax<br>IHS12-D4

Viqua (Trojan) UVMax

MSRP: CDN$1485.00
Our Price: CDN$1099.00
You save: $386

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Viqua (Trojan) UVMax<br>IHS22-D4

Viqua (Trojan) UVMax

MSRP: CDN$1585.00
Our Price: CDN$1175.00
You save: $410

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Sediment Prefilter Package <br>5 micron - WH1B+

Sediment Prefilter Package
5 micron - WH1B+

MSRP: CDN$147.35
Our Price: CDN$110.96
You save: $36.39

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Solenoid Shut-off <br>Part#:650717-001

Solenoid Shut-off

MSRP: CDN$585.00
Our Price: CDN$314.95
You save: $270.05

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Replacement Lamp <br>Part#:602805

Replacement Lamp

MSRP: CDN$160.00
Our Price: CDN$99.00
You save: $61

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Replacement Sleeve <br>Part#:602732

Replacement Sleeve

MSRP: CDN$60.00
Our Price: CDN$44.00
You save: $16

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Viqua 6 GPM <br>Flow Restrictor

Viqua 6 GPM
Flow Restrictor

MSRP: CDN$110.00
Our Price: CDN$59.00
You save: $51

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Viqua 8 GPM Flow <br>Restrictor (adapter required)

Viqua 8 GPM Flow
Restrictor (adapter required)

MSRP: CDN$110.00
Our Price: CDN$59.00
You save: $51

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