Comparison of Water Treatment Technologies

Treatment Technologies:

There are a wide range of water filters, purifiers, and other treatment devices available on the market today. In reality, there is no single filter or treatment that will eliminate every contaminant from your water. Many technologies target only a specific type of contaminant and may be completely ineffective against others. Typically, most higher-end systems use a combination of filter technologies to achieve the best results. It is nevertheless important to choose a system that specifically targets the known or potential contaminants in your personal water supply.

To help you gain a better understanding of each major home water filter and purification technology, we have created the following comparison chart as well as complete descriptions of the relevant technologies (select technology from list on right for details). Our products feature all of these technologies in various combinations. Compare your water testing results to the chart and information to determine your best filtration / purification options. If you have questions, please give us a call toll free at 1-866-376-2690. We would be pleased to make some suggestions.

Treatment Technology Comparison:
Technology Arsenic Bacteria
Bad Tastes
& Odors
Chlorine Fluoride Hydrogen
Nitrates Radon Sediment Iron VOC's
Activated Carbon ** to
KDF-55* * *
Reverse Osmosis***

= Effectively Removes         = Significantly Reduces         = Minimal or No Removal

* when combined with activated carbon in same filter / system

** At high contaminant levels, filter life will be reduced significantly.

*** Even though reverse osmosis is effective in removing bacteria and viruses, it is not recommended that you rely solely upon reverse osmosis if your water is contaminated with bacteria or viruses. Ultraviolet (UV) purification is also recommended.