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Whole House Chloramine Reduction
Filter Package

The WH-Chloramine whole house filter package utilizes an advanced radial flow catalytic granular activated carbon filter to greatly enhance the removal of chloramine (also commonly referred to as monochloramine) as compared to standard carbon block or GAC filters.

What is Chloramine?

Chloramine is a disinfectant used by many cities and water districts to sterilize water. It is an alternative to chlorine. The use of chloramine has increased dramatically in recent years in large part due to the facts that it maintains its sterilization capacity longer (less likely than chlorine to degrade or dissipate - it is more stable), and it is less likely to form harmful disinfection by-products like THMs. It is estimated that close to 30% of municipal water treatment plants now use chloramine instead of chlorine.

Chemically, chloramine is a formed by mixing chlorine and ammonia, although there are several states in which chloramines actually exist in treated drinking water so they are commonly just referred to as "chloramines." Chloramines are weaker disinfectants than free chlorine. Accordingly, larger quantities are often required to achieve the same sterilization effect. There is widespread concern that chloramine, like chlorine, is toxic and could have similar adverse health effects. For this reason, chloramine use is closely regulated. However, a growing number of scientists and health practitioners are sounding the alarm about ingesting even low levels of chlorine and chloramine and showering/bathing in chlorinated or chloramine-treated water.

The problem with chloramine is that it is much harder to remove from water then chlorine. Free chlorine is readily adsorbed by traditional activated carbon filters. To effectively reduce chloramines, activated carbon must be catalyzed. Very few carbon filters on the market today have this special property. Accordingly, many homeowners that are using standard activated carbon filters for chloramine removal are not getting the results they expect. It is imperative that specialized catalytic carbon filters with a large carbon bed (volume of carbon) to enhance contact time with the media, be used for chloramine reduction.

If you are unsure whether your water supply is treated with chlorine or chloramine, contact your city's utilities department, local health department, or water treatment plant. If your are unable to get a definite answer, we recommend that you use a catalytic carbon filter like the WH Chloramine as it will remove both chloramine and chlorine.

This system features Liquatec's unique multi-depth poly sediment filter which removes dirt, sediment, rust particles, and other particulates down to a level of 10 microns thereby protecting the carbon filter and preserving its capacity. This filter uses the entire depth of its media by trapping the largest sediment particles on the outside of the filter, then gradually stepping down the size of particles it will reject as the water moves closer to the core of the filter. The outer layer is rated at 75 microns. The subsequent layers are rated at 50 microns, 25 microns, and finally 10 microns. The result is longer filter life and higher flow rates (less pressure drop). The polypropylene media is highly resistant to bacteria, making this an excellent choice for well, lake, and stream water treatment applications, in addition to city water.

The sediment filter is followed by Pentek's highly specialized 20 micron CRFC-20BB chloramine reduction filter. This filter features superior chloramine and chlorine reduction as compared to standard activated carbon filters. This cartridge is constructed with a 70 micron porous outer shell, and spun poly wrapped inner core. A generous layer of catalytic granular activated carbon (GAC) is packed between these outer and inner layers. This design enlarges both the pre and post filtration surface area, thereby reducing pressure drop and increasing filter life, while at the same time reducing carbon fines commonly associated with standard GAC cartridges. Minimum 83% chloramine reduction for 10,000 gallons at a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute, or for 25,000 gallons at a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute.

Whole House Chloramine Reduction Filter

Recommended Uses: ratings scale
Sediment, Dirt, Rust Particles, Turbidity
Chlorine, THMs, Bad Tastes & Odors
Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs)*

* No carbon filter can remove all volatile organic compounds, especially at high flow rates, however, this filter will remove most volatile organic compounds under recommended operating conditions.

Features & Specifications:
Micron Rating 10 microns nominal
Max. Recommended Flow Rate (Gallons per Minute) 5 GPM (19 LPM)
Pressure Drop @ Maximum Flow Rate <3 PSI
Housing Two 20" Heavy Duty Big Blue Housings - Polypropylene
Replacement Sediment Filter Liquatec SDF-45-2010
Replacement Carbon Filter Pentek CRFC-20BB
Estimated Carbon Filter Life* 25,000 gallons (94,600 L)
Mounting Bracket Included
Powder-Coated Steel
Spanner Wrench Included
Recommended Operating Temp. Range 40-100F (4.4 to 37C)
Maximum Recommended Water Pressure 90 PSI (6.9 bar)

* Many factors can affect filter life including contaminant levels, flow rates, etc. Estimated filter life based on 2.5 GPM continuous flow and minimum 83% chloramine reduction.

Download Owners Manual for WH Chloramine Reduction Filter
Download WH Chloramine Owner's Manual &
Installation Guide

Adobe PDF Format
NSF Certified Housings!

Applications & Suitability:

The WH Chloramine is specifically designed to significantly improve chloramine reduction as compared to standard activated carbon filters. Chloramine is a disinfected used by about 30% of municipalities and water districts in the USA and Canada to sterilize water (instead of chlorine). The WH Chloramine is therefore a popular general purpose whole house water filter package for homes that have a water source treated with chloramine. The WH Chloramine is also well suited to sediment and particulate removal as well as the reduction of chlorine, chlorine disinfection bi-products like trihalomethanes (THM's), a wide range of volatile organic compounds, and other contaminants responsible for bad tastes and odors. The WH Chloramine is an excellent choice for well water, lake water, stream water, and municipal (city) water treatment applications. For best results, we recommend a maximum flow rate of 5 gallons per minute, which is sufficient for an average residential application.

Why choose the WH Chloramine Reduction Filter Package?

far better chloramine reduction than standard whole house carbon filters
huge carbon bed and radial flow design increases filter life and reduces pressure drop
less risk of channeling and bypass as compared to competitor's granular activated carbon (GAC) filters
we use only the highest quality heavy duty filter housings with large diameter inlet and outlet for less pressure drop and better flow dynamics
housings are NSF Certified (Standard 42 for material requirements)
we use standard filter sizes so you will always be able to obtain replacement filters for your system
many competitors use small 2.5" x 10" filters in their whole house filter systems, resulting in poor water pressure, short filter life, and less than optimal flow characteristics - we use filters with much greater surface area and carbon volume to maximize contaminant removal, improve water pressure and flow characteristics, and extend filter life so you have less maintenance to do!
sturdy powder-coated steel mounting bracket, and spanner wrench are included!
great pricing on system packages are replacement filters - guaranteed best prices in USA and Canada on all replacement filters purchased by the case!

WH Chloramine Reduction Filter Package

WH Chloramine Reduction Filter Package Contents:

  • two (2) heavy-duty Pentek Big Blue 20" filter housing (1" NPT) w/ pressure relief buttons

  • one (1) powder-coated mounting bracket and related screws

  • one (1) Liquatec SDF-45-2010 multi-gradient sediment filter

  • one (1) Pentek CRFC-20BB granular activated carbon filter

  • one (1) spanner wrench

  • one (1) 1" brass housing coupler used to join the 2 filter housings

  • one (1) roll of Teflon tape

US $399.95
+ $19.95 shipping

CDN $399.95
+ $29.95 shipping

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