UV Temperature Management Solutions

UV cooling systems

During extended periods without water flow, the water temperature in a UV sterilizer's chamber can heat up significantly. When water flow is resumed, the initial flow of water can be very warm. For systems with UV intensity monitors, the sensor reading can be affected by the elevated temperature resulting in a nuisance alarm. Temperature sensitive valves or cooling fans are often used to eliminate these problems. We offer several solutions and replacement parts for various UVMax and Sterilight cooling systems.

Temperature management valves are fully automatic and are installed on the outlet port of the UV chamber. They discharge a small amount of water when the system reaches a pre-set temperature. This valve is perfect for applications with extended no-flow conditions, as it allows the lamp to operate within its optimal operating parameters. They are strongly recommended for UV models with high output UV lamps and UV intensity monitors including: UVMax D4+, E4+ and F4+; and Sterilight Cobalt Plus, Platinum, and Platinum Validated models.

Cooling fans are included with certain UVMax and Sterilight UV models. They draw heat away from the UV chamber and are a very effective cooling system for UV systems with ultra-high output amalgam UV lamps.

UVMax CoolTouch Valve (3/4 inch)
Part# 650537

cooling valve for UVMax Models C4, D4 and D4+ (3/4 inch I/O)

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UVMax CoolTouch Valve (1 inch)
Part# 650538

cooling valve for UVMax Models E4, E4+, F4 and F4+ (1 inch I/O)

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Replacement UVMax CoolTouch Fan
Part# 650630

replacement cooling fan for UVMax G, H, J, K, G+, H+, J+, K+, Pro 10, 20, 30 & 50

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Replacement Sterilight CoolTouch Fan
Part# 230438-R

replacement cooling fan for Sterilight S80 / SM80 / SV50

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Sterilight Temp. Mgmt. Valve Replacement Thermo Valve
Part# 410701

replacement thermo valve for Sterilight Temperature Management Valve

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UVMax CoolTouch Valve Replacement Thermo Valve
Part# 602812

replacement thermo valve for UVMax CoolTouch valves

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