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Shower Water Filter Models:
High flow shower water filter April Shower High-Ouput Series Shower Filter
Price: US $39.95

Deluxe shower filter April Shower Deluxe
Chrome Shower Filter

Price: US$79.95

Oxynator shower filter April Shower Oxynator Shower Filter
Price: US$99.95

Hand held shower filter

April Shower Handheld Shower Filters
Priced from US$54.95

It's no secret that much of our water supply comes from polluted sources. As a result, most municipalities have little choice but to introduce chlorine or chloramine to our water supply to kill bacteria like e.coli and fecal coliform and other harmful microbiological contaminants.

Unfortunately, it is widely recognized in the scientific community that chlorine and chloramine are not only unhealthy, but extremely toxic to all living organisms, including humans. After all, this is what makes these checmials so effective at killing bacteria, viruses, and other waterborne pathogens. When we think of chlorine in our water supply, our first concern is our drinking water. What doesn't immediately come to mind is the fact that when we shower, our skin also absorbs chlorine. In fact, more chlorine is absorbed during the average shower than by drinking two quarts of water! Additional chlorine is contained within the water vapor that enters the air as steam, and is breathed into our lungs as we shower.

As this wasn't already bad enough, chlorine and other water contaminants reduce the effectiveness of many shampoos, conditioners, lotions, oils & skin creams, leaving your skin and hair dry and unnourished, and money spent on quality personal care products, wasted.

Our shower water filters use KDF media to remove chlorine, rust, and many nasty odors, and other contaminants from your shower water. KDF-55 is a granular medium that permits fluids to flow without excessive back pressure or reduction in water pressure. Unlike most water filtration technologies, including activated carbon filters, KDF-55 filters work well in warm or hot water. For more information of the removal of various contaminants using KDF-55, please CLICK HERE.

April Shower Water Filters

Why a KDF media shower filter?

  • effectively removes harmful chlorine and other contaminants

  • long life - lasts twice as long as most carbon shower filters

  • easy installation - installs in minutes with no special tools required

  • effective at higher temperatures and flow rates

  • helps control growth of mildew, mold, and algae (bacteriostatic)

  • inhibits mineral build-up in shower head, tile, and glass shower doors

  • soap & shampoos will develop richer lather

  • softer, more manageable hair, and reduced dry skin, flaking, and itching

  • April Shower is the most comprehensive line of shower water filters on the market today. Unlike the competition, the majority of which offer cheap disposable filters, the April Shower line uses replaceable filter cartridges and durable housings. For instance, the April Shower Deluxe shower filter is the first shower filter made of chrome-plated solid brass and polished to a mirror-like finish. In addition to its sleek, elegant design, its tough! The manufacturer offers an impressive 5-year warranty against breakage of the housing!

    The high-performance KDF-55 filter cartridges in each April Shower filter will remove up to 99% of chlorine in addition to rust water, sulfur smells and odors at a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute.

    Unlike many competing filters, the April Shower is NOT a disposable unit. When the filter cartridge has reached the end of its service life, rather than throwing away the filter housing, you simply pop in a new filter cartridge! It's just that simple! Over time, this is more economical that buying new units every time and it is friendlier to the environment as well.

    Available April Shower offers filter models, features, and specifications to match any shower water filtration task (click on the picture of each item for more details):

    High-Output Shower Filter

    April Shower High-Output
    Price: US$39.95

    Designed for optimal economy without sacrificing performance, the High-Ouput Series by April Shower features a re-usable housing and a cartridge that lasts 10-12 months. Shower head not included.

    Deluxe Shower Water Filter

    April Shower Deluxe
    Price: US$79.95

    A truly-elegant, high end design! The April Shower Deluxe features a beautiful slim-line chrome-finished solid brass housing to maximize shower head height. A premium-quality shower head is also included, or, if you prefer, you can use your existing shower head. Replaceable filter lasts about 6 months.

    Oxynator Shower Filter

    April Shower Oxynator
    Price: US$99.95

    The April Shower Oxynator combines the renowned Oxygenics(tm) shower head and April Shower's Slim Line filter housing to create a truly invigorating chlorine-free shower. Attractive chrome finish. Replaceable filter lasts roughly 6 months.

    April Shower Royale Handheld

    April Shower Royale Handheld
    Priced from US$54.95

    April Shower's truly unique Royale handheld wand shower sprayers feature KDF-55 filter cartridges built right into the handle! Available in polished chrome or standard white finish, and includes handheld wand, flexible water tube, and faucet mounting bracket. Filter cartridges last about 4 months.


    Simply unscrew your existing showerhead and screw on the April Shower - that's it! A complete installation guide will be provided with your unit.

    The April Shower shower filter housing and showerhead are backed by a 100% 5-year manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing workmanship defects.

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