ClearPlus TITAN-Ox™ Series Arsenic
& Heavy Metal Reduction Filters

highly effective and economical treatment for the removal of arsenic, uranium, lead, and other heavy metals

ClearPlus TITAN-Ox 7 Arsenic
and Heavy Metal Reduction Filter

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ClearPlus TITAN-Ox Series arsenic and heavy metal reduction filters are designed specifically to remove arsenic (arsenic III and arsenic V) and a variety of heavy metals including lead, cadmium, copper, chromium +6, selenium, antimony, mercury, and zinc from water. It is also frequently used to remove uranium.

  • Out-performs all other arsenic reduction media
  • Removes both trivalent and pentavalent arsenic
  • Concurrent removal of wide range of heavy metals and uranium
  • Cost-effective and long-lasting media (>10 years in most applications)
  • Simple, automated periodic backwash keeps the media clean and operating efficiently
  • Simple operation with no day-to-day maintenance
  • Brand-name digital control valve (Fleck 5800SXT) with simple programming and operation
  • Great warranty (5 years on control valve, 10 years on tank)
  • Premium tank jacket and stainless steel bypass included

The TITAN-Ox system consists of a treatment tank, backwash control valve, and a highly specialized media called MetSorb HMRG which adsorbs both pentavalent (Arsenic V / Arsenic 5 / Arsenate) and trivalent (Arsenic III / Arsenic 3 / Arsenite) forms of arsenic, as well as a wide range of heavy metals from water. The active ingredient in the MetSorb media is titanium dioxide. Similar to other metal oxide media, MetSorb reduces arsenic and heavy metals by permanently adsorbing them (binding them to the media). Adsorption efficiently reduces arsenic and heavy metals in a wide variety of water conditions, however, higher removal rates will generally occur at lower pH levels.

The TITAN-Ox system will backwash periodically, usually about once per month, to ensure that the media bed is not subject to channelling which could reduce its effectiveness. The backwash will also remove any particulate matter trapped in the media. The backwash process is controlled automatically by the digital control valve included with the system. The valve is pre-programmed with the correct backwash interval for you. Once TITAN-Ox is set-up, it is a very low maintenance treatment system. The backwash will run for 10 minutes at a flow rate of about 4 gallons per minute. It is programmed to occur at night when water is not being used. Since the arsenic and heavy metals are permanently bound to the media, the backwash discharge does not contain concentrated contaminant levels. Accordingly, the discharge water can be sent to sanitary septic/sewer systems without concern. Similarly, since the arsenic is permanently adsorbed, spent media is landfill safe. To verify safe disposal, spent media has passed TCLP (Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure) testing.

MetSorb has a large, but finite capacity to adsorb contaminants and eventually needs to be replaced. The life of the media bed depends on several factors including arsenic level, heavy metal levels, water usage, and water chemistry. Certain contaminants reduce the life and effectiveness of MetSorb media. Iron and manganese should be reduced to less than 0.3 mg/l and 0.05 mg/l, respectively, through appropriate pre-treatment to maximize media life. pH should not exceed 8.3. Elevated levels of silica and/or sulfate may reduce media life depending on other water chemistry conditions (particularly if the water is soft). If proper pre-treatment for iron and manganese is undertaken (if necessary), media lifespan of 8 to 12 years, or even longer, is very common. Our staff would be pleased to assist you in estimating the expected life of the media in your TITAN-Ox system - please call us toll free at 1-866-376-2690 to discuss.

For arsenic levels exceeding 60 parts per billion or 0.060 mg/l, a lead/lag configuration may be recommended depending on your water chemistry. Please discuss with one of our certified water treatment technicians by calling toll-free 1-866-376-2690.

Given the potential seriousness of arsenic and heavy metal contamination of drinking water, follow-up water testing after installation and on at least a quarterly basis thereafter is recommended to monitor for breakthrough. We supply a basic monitoring test kit that will enable you to do your initial follow-up testing. Additional test kits can be purchased separately.

MetSorb media meets and is certified to NSF 61 requirements for use in drinking water applications.


We provide a standard stainless steel bypass valve with each system. The bypass valve has female 3/4" NPT threaded fittings. If your pipe diameter is different, you can connect to the bypass with simple adapters available at any hardware store.

The TITAN-Ox is normally installed after treatment for iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, tannin and sediment (if applicable), but before any disinfection equipment such as a UV sterilizer or chlorinator (if applicable). Please contact us to discuss the location of your TITAN-Ox system relative to your water softener if you have one.

Recommended Operating Conditions:

Max. Water Temp: 37C (100F)

Min. Water Temp: must not freeze!

Recommended Pressure: 40 to 80 psi

Iron: <0.3 ppm (mg/l)

Manganese: <0.05 ppm (mg/l)

pH: 8.3 or lower

Please call for assistance if your water conditions do not meet these specifications. We would be pleased to review your water test results to ensure that TITAN-Ox is best for your application. Please call us toll free at 1-866-376-2690.

ClearPlus TITAN-Ox Series Arsenic and Heavy Metal Reduction Filters

Custom systems available for flow rates up to several hundred gallons per minute for very large homes and commercial applications. Please call toll free at 1-866-376-2690 for assistance.

For optimal contaminant removal, the "optimal" flow rate should not be exceeded. The lower the flow rate, the higher the contaminant reduction rate will be.

ClearPlus TITAN-Ox Series Arsenic and Heavy Metal Reduction Models & Specifications
Model Flow Rate Inlet/Outlet: Price
6.3 GPM 3/4" NPT
7.4 GPM 1" NPT

8.6 GPM 1" NPT

ClearPlus TITAN-Ox Series Arsenic and Heavy Metal Reduction Models & Specifications


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TITAN-Ox Custom
TITAN-Ox Custom
Typical Application: residential residential residential commercial
Maximum Recommended Flow Rate for
Optimal Contaminant Reduction:
6.3 GPM 7.4 GPM 8.6 GPM 10 to 1,000 GPM
Inlet/Outlet: 3/4" NPT 1" NPT 1" NPT Call toll free


for specifications

and quotation.
Maximum Flow Rate (Peak): 8 GPM 9.5 GPM 11 GPM
Backwash Flow Rate / Duration: 7 GPM
for 10 minutes every 30 days
for 10 minutes every 30 days
for 10 minutes every 30 days
MetSorb Media Volume: 2.0 cu. ft. 2.5 cu. ft. 3.0 cu. ft.
Tank Size: 12 x 52" 13 x 54" 14 x 65"
Control Valve: Fleck 5800 with SXT Digital Controller Fleck 5800 with SXT Digital Controller Fleck 5800 with SXT Digital Controller
Included Accessories: - bypass assembly
- premium tank jacket kit
- instruction manual
- stainless steel flow restrictor (to prevent flow rates beyond peak service capacity)
- arsenic monitoring test kit (5 Tests)
- bypass assembly
- instruction manual
- stainless steel flow restrictor (to prevent flow rates beyond peak service capacity)
- arsenic monitoring test kit (5 Tests)
Where is it made?: Control valve, tank, media, and tank jacket cover are all Made in the U.S.A., and where applicable, are validated to ANSI/NSF Standard 42 or 61 for material requirements so you know they are safe for potable drinking water applications.
Warranty: 5 years on control valve and 10 years on tank
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ITS Arsenic Quick II
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The contaminants or other substances removed by this water treatment device are not necessarily present in your water.

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