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Home Water Purifiers & Filters is pleased to offer a complete selection of home water filtration and purification products, including sophisticated multi-stage point-of use reverse osmosis (RO) systems and whole house ultraviolet sterilizer systems. We also carry a wide variety of whole-house sediment and carbon filters to tackle any water filtration task, a Chromium-6 water filter, and an innovative low-cost iron reduction filter that removes iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide odor!

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Whole House Water Filters / Purifiers
Whole House Cartridge Filter Packages Iron Water Filters Hydrogen Sulfide
sediment filters
Water Filters

chlorine water filters
Chlorine, Taste & Odor Water Filters

chloramine filters
Water Filters

iron water filters
Cartridge Iron
Water Filters

backwashable iron water filters
Iron Filters

backwashable hydrogen sulfide filters
Hydrogen Sulfide

Whole House Water Filters Whole House Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilizers
eco TAC Salt-free conditioner
ecoTAC Salt-Free Hard Water Conditioner

MicroTurb NextSand Turbidity Filters
MicroTurb NextSand
Turbidity Filters

TITAN-Ox Arsenic Filters
TITAN-Ox Arsenic &
Heavy Metal Filters

Freshpoint ultrafiltration

Viqua ultraviolet (UV) water purfiers
Viqua UV
Water Purifiers

Trojan UVMax ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers
Trojan UVMax
UV Sterilizers

Point-of-Use Water Filters
Drinking Water Filters Reverse Osmosis Fridge Filters Shower Filters
under sink water filter
Under Sink
Water Filter

4-stage reverse osmosis system
4-Stage Reverse
Osmosis System

5-stage reverse osmosis with UV
5-Stage Reverse
Osmosis with UV

fridge water filters
Swift Green
Fridge Filters

shower water filters
April Shower
Water Filters

Replacement Water Filters

Save 20% or more when you buy Pentek, US Filter, Culligan, Ametek, Pentair, American Plumber, Harmsco and Liquatec replacement water filters by the case!

Pentek Water Filter Cartridges Harmsco Water Filter Cartridges Hydronix Water Filter Cartridges
Water filters by the case

Water Treatment Additives
Bag Filters
Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membranes

for replacement filters and parts for AQUAtiva brand systems
Sediment Filters
Carbon Filters
Specialty Filters
Chloramine Reduction
KDF Media
Drinking Water
Oil Adsorbing
Scale Inhibitor
Iron Reduction
Fridge Filters

Our site also contains a wealth of information (see our Education Center) to help you select the best water filter / purifier for your specific needs, including information on common contaminants, the purification of well water, identification and treatment of hard water, and specific information on reverse osmosis, ultraviolet treatment, granular activated carbon (GAC), carbon block, and other water treatment technologies.

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HomePlus Water is one of the largest distributors of water treatment systems, UV sterilizers, replacement water filters, and water treatment accessories in the U.S. and Canada. Our Certified Water Technicians will help you solve even the most complicated residential and commercial water problems. Our warehouse-direct structure and shipping depots in both the U.S. and Canada enable us to provide industry-leading pricing and fast delivery. So, you can expect not only advice from some of the most knowledgeable technicians in the business, and great pricing too. Moreover, we provide free shipping on all orders over $79 and most orders arrive at your door in only a few short days. Have an urgent problem? Ask our staff about express overnight shipping options for your order.

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