Trojan UVMax Pro 10

Trojan UVMax Pro 10

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Viqua (Trojan) UVMax Model Pro10 ultraviolet (UV) water purifier


The Viqua (Trojan) UVMax Pro10 is the smallest member of Trojan's revolutionary new Pro Series product line. The Pro10 is a full featured unit offering convenient color-coded plug & play connections, a sophisticated UV intensity monitor with self diagnostic test, innovative high-output lamps with 2 year service life, dynamic flow restrictor, and a host of other performance and convenience features designed to make installation, operation, and maintenance as simple as possible. The Pro 10 is well suited to typical residential and light commercial water treatment applications where a Class A NSF certified (Standard 55) model is desired or required. It is also a popular choice for bed and breakfast facilities, rural resorts and lodges, etc. The Viqua (Trojan) UVMax Pro10 is certified to 10 gallons per minute at a UV dose of at least 40mJ/cm2.

The UV intensity monitor continuously monitors the intensity of the UV light to ensure that the water is receiving an adequate dose of UV light to kill the bacteria, viruses, etc. The use of a model with a UV intensity monitor is generally recommended where a known E.coli or other serious problem is present or the feed water parameters may cause problems with UV transmittance from time to time (sediment flushing, iron or hard water scale build-up on the UV sleeve etc.).

The CoolTouch fan system which is integrated into every Pro Series model, assists in system cooling during periods of inactive water use where conventional UV systems can often heat the water considerably as the water absorbs heat from the UV lamp. The CoolTouch fan thereby helps ensure maximum UV dose under all conditions as UV effectiveness decreases as the temperature declines.

An integrated flow restrictor is included with the unit to ensure that the maximum rated flow is not exceeded.

The Viqua (Trojan) UVMax Pro10 can be equipped with an optional solenoid emergency shut-off kit. For more information on the emergency shut-off valve, CLICK HERE.

It can also be equipped with Trojan's innovative new COMMCenter. The optional COMMCenter provides real-time dosage display so you an monitor the performance of your UV system. In addition to UV dose, the system displays alarm history, lamp hours, and other performance parameters. Moreover, the COMMCenter can be installed just about anywhere - simply connect the COMMCenter to the sterilizer using a standard computer cable. The COMMCenter can also be connected directly to your computer where you can use Trojan's MAXtrack software to obtain real-time dose data, track alarm and dose history, etc. for any given period of time. This data logging capability allows operators to demonstrate proper system operation to regulators and consumers, provides troubleshooting insights, and allows for proactive maintenance. These features make the COMMCenter an excellent choice for commercial applications where dosage reporting and logging is desirable to prove compliance with health regulations. It also accept standard mini-SD memory cards (same type used more many digital cameras) so you can download data and transfer to a computer so you can view and analyze the data in any standard spread sheet program. A single COMMCenter can monitor up to 9 UV systems simultaneously. The MAXtrack software can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website at no charge.

Model Pro10 Specifications
Application most homes
small commercial
Maximum Flow Rate
10 GPM (37.9 LPM)
Audible/Visual Lamp
Failure Alarm
Alarm Reset
Lamp Age Indicator
Lamp Replacement
Electropolished Exterior
UV Intensity Monitor
Dynamic Flow Restrictor
Color-Coded Plug & Play Connections
CoolTouch Fan
RJ55 Communications Ports
2 Year Lamp Life
NSF Certified?
(Standard 55 Class A)
Solenoid Emergency
Shut-off Valve Kit
COMMCenter Monitoring Package optional
Water Chamber Material stainless
steel (316)
UV Sleeve Material quartz
Inlet/Oulet Combo 1 1/4 inch NPT, 1" FNPT
Electrical 120-240v, 50/60HZ
Total Power (watts) 120
Lamp Power (watts) 100
Chamber Assembly Size 22 x 4"
54 x 10cm
Control Module Size 13 x 6.5"
33 x 16.5 cm
* NSF-certification is based on a minimum dose dose of 40 mJ/cm2, 75% UV transmittance (UVT), and after 9,000 hours of bulb operation. If your water has poor UVT, or if you are unsure of your UVT, select a model with a higher flow capacity than you would otherwise require.

Feed Water Quality Parameters
Iron 0.3 ppm
(0.3 mg/L)
Hardness 120 ppm
(7 grains / gallon)
UV Transmittance (UVT): 75%
Maximum Air Temperature: 104F (40C)
Minimum Air Temperature: 32F (0C)
Maximum Humidity: 100%
Maximum Pressure: 100 psi
Minimum Pressure: 10 psi

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