NSF/ANSI Standard 55 Class A Validated / Certified UV Sterilizers

NSF certified models are an ideal choice for applications requiring third-party UV performance validation

Most Popular UV Sterilizers NSF International is the leading testing authority for water treatment devices. As such, UV systems that have been tested and certified to the rigorous standards of NSF/ANSI Standard 55 Class A are assured to meet your disinfection goals. UV sterilizers that meet NSF/ANSI Standard 55 Class A are required to provide a UV dose in excess of 40 mJ/cm2 over the entire life of the UV lamp, to have a UV dose monitoring system, and to have a flow restrictor that ensures the rated flow capacity is not exceeded.

Class A validated UV systems should never be confused with products validated under the lesser Class B certification. The Class B validation only requires a UV dose of 16 mJ/cm2 and is meant to provide secondary disinfection to water that was previously treated to a municipal standard. Class B units also lack many of the important dose monitoring features found in the Class A devices. Also, be wary of products that have been validated to the ANSI/NSF 55 Class A standard but not by NSF itself. Look for NSF logo to know that you are truly getting a product that was validated by NSF.

We offer 2 UV sterilizer series that are NSF/ANSI 55 Class A validated: the Sterilight Platinum Validated Series, and the UVMax Pro Series.

Sterilight's Platinum Validated Series is a great choice for lower flow rate applications (particularly for applications under 10 GPM), whereas the UVMax Pro Series is capable of flow rates up to 30 gallons per minute. It is common to install 2 or more systems in parallel flow configuration for higher capacity applications or to provide redundancy in commercial applications. The UVMax Pro Series features a unique ultra-high-output amalgam lamp with a 2 year lamp life. The Pro Series also features the industry's first and only flow-rate based dose monitoring system.

NSF-Validated UV Sterilizers (NSF/ANSI Standard 55, Class A)
Model Applications Flow Rate* Intensity Monitor Solenoid Shut-Off Cooling System Flow Restrictor Flow
Lowest Price
most homes,
small commercial
10 GPM
(37.9 LPM)
optional 2
MSRP: US$2399.00
Price: US$1899.00
You save: $500.00

commercial 20 GPM
(75.7 LPM)
optional 2
MSRP: US$2898.00
Price: US$2295.00
You save: $603.00

commercial 30 GPM
(113.5 LPM)
optional 2
MSRP: US$3829.00
Price: US$2999.00
You save: $830.00

* Please note that the flow rate capacities specified above are based on a UV dose of 40 mJ/cm2 at 75% UV transmittance (UVT).