Pentek PBH Series Bag Filter Vessels / Housings and Accessories

Pentek Bag Filter Vessel / Housing

Pentek PBH Series bag vessel housing assemblies keep your system on stream longer by reducing bag filter change time. They are made of lightweight, corrosion resistant polypropylene to give you all the strength you need without the weight.

All PBH Series Vessels come complete with pressure gauge, spanner wrench, bag filter support basket, and 3/8" drain valve. The single large ACME thread closure ensures quick opening and positive sealing. Optional mounting brackets or support stands are also available (sold separately).

Molded from rugged, reinforced polypropylene, PBH Series bag vessel filter housings offer outstanding chemical compatibility and are ideal for use in a variety of low-flow applications. These applications include residential pre-filtration and food service, along with commercial and industrial applications for water filtration and chemical filtration.

We offer the Pentek bag vessel housings in 2 sizes, 10" or 20", and with 2 inlet/outlet sizes: 1", and 1 1/2".

The 10" bag vessels accept a standard 4" x 8.25" (102 x 210 mm) bag. The 20" bag vessels accept a standard 4" x 18.25" (102 x 470 mm) bag. Dimensions allow for 1" (25 mm) overlap on basket.

Pentek PBH-410-1
Bag Filter Housing
10" w/ 1" Inlet/Outlet

Part# 150360


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Pentek PBH-410-1.5
Bag Filter Housing
10" w/ 1 1/2" Inlet/Outlet

Part# 150338


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Pentek PBH-420-1
Bag Filter Housing
20" w/ 1" Inlet/Outlet

Part# 150367


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Pentek PBH-420-1.5
Bag Filter Housing
20" w/ 1 1/2" Inlet/Outlet

Part# 150337


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Powder Coated Single Mounting Bracket Kit For Big Blue Housing
Part# MB-BB-PC


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Powder Coated Double Mounting Bracket Kit For 2 Big Blue Housings
Part# MB-BBx2-PC


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Pentek WB-ZP Zinc-Plated Mounting Bracket Kit for Big Blue
Part# 150061


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Pentek SW-3 Spanner Wrench for 10 Inch Big Blue Housings
Part# 150296


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Pentek SW-4 Spanner Wrench for 20 Inch Big Blue Housings
Part# 144368


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for Big Blue Housings

Part# 151122


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Fleck Silicone
O-Ring Lubricant
(2 Oz tube)

Part# 16174


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