Harmsco HMB Multi Bag Housings

HMB Multi Bag Housings

Designed to employ the use of bag filters while accomodating high flow rates, the HMB series offers an effective solution for needs ranging from 800 to 2400 GPM. This housing's options allow one to choose between 304 and 316 stainless steel for all models. ASME code u-stamp is an optional addition for this line as well.

A chosen housing for solvents, process water, and lubricants (among many other applications), this bead blasted line also features two gauge ports and Snap Fit "V" style filter bags.

Model Height Width Inlet/Outlet Flow Rate Bag Size Basket Depth Lowest Price
65" 30" 4" Flange Up to 800 GPM (3028 LPM) #2 Snap Fit 30"
MSRP: US$25274.00
Price: US$12108.00
You save: $13,166.00

67-1/2" 39" 6" Flange Up to 1200 GPM (4542 LPM) #2 Snap Fit 30"
MSRP: US$36511.00
Price: US$17510.00
You save: $19,001.00

70" 40" 6" Flange Up to 1600 GPM (6057 LPM) #2 Snap Fit 30"
MSRP: US$40667.00
Price: US$19482.00
You save: $21,185.00

75-1/2" 42" 8" Flange Up to 2400 GPM (9085 LPM) #2 Snap Fit 30"
MSRP: US$54000.00
Price: US$25650.00
You save: $28,350.00