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ecoTAC 10 Salt-Free Hard Water Conditioner (up to 10 GPM) - US$

Had it for 5 weeks, so far impressed4 Stars
By David U
I am an over-educated engineer and did research on TAC before I bought the unit. So far it has done all they claim. Our only water issue was high calcium. It appears to be resolving that issue with no new build up and removal of some existing buildup. Ask me again in 6 months!!

EcoTAC 10 is a Great Product5 Stars
By John H
Moved to northern Virginia where the water hardness was 18.5 gpg. Dish washer and shower glass always had mineral deposits. Salt restricted diet and space restrictions nixed using a salt water softener. Investigated salt free water conditioners. The EcoTAC 10 seemed to be a good choice. Ordered on line and a week or so it arrived. Plumber installed and within a day or two we could see an amazing difference. The dishwasher now has shining stainless steel and the shower glass stays clear for weeks. It is doing what it was designed to do. Eliminate scale buildup. Too soon to know if the media will last for five years. Hopefully it will.

Love the ecoTAC.5 Stars
By A.P.
Hope after while since we talked, this email finds you well. I am still so appreciative of your help and patience with me. Love the ecoTAC. Had it just over 3 years. Still works fine..... Thanks for your help as usual! ....Plus [water] tastes great:) Pretty cool:)

Soft water5 Stars
By Bob T.
My wife remarked that the water feels soft from this water conditioner! We are very pleased that we see no lime or cam Jim deposits whatsoever on our fixtures and do in. All of this without purchasing salt!!!! Very happy and these folks are pleasant to deal with!

Great5 Stars
By Judith M.
At this time I think it is great. It has only been in a little while.