Trojan UVMax Model E4 (#650682)

Trojan UVMax Model E4 (#650682)

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Viqua (Trojan) UVMax E4
- #650682

The Viqua (Trojan) UVMax Model E4 is designed for larger homes where water flow rates may reach as much as 22 gallons per minute (average shower flows at about 2 GPM). It replaces the Viqua (Trojan) UVMax Model E which was retired in late 2008.

The Viqua (Trojan) UVMax Model E4 can be equiped with an optional UV intensity monitor. The UV intensity monitor continuously monitors the intensity of the UV light to ensure that the water is receiving an adequate dose of UV light to kill the bacteria, viruses, etc. The use of a model with a UV intensity monitor is generally recommended where a known E.coli or other serious problem is present or the feed water parameters may cause problems with UV tramsmittance from time to time (sediment flushing, iron or hard water scale build-up on the UV sleeve etc.). The UV intensity monitor MUST be purchased at the same time as the unit - it CANNOT be added at a later date. When equiped with the UV intensity monitor, it is referred to as the Model E4+ (PLUS).

Second, the Viqua (Trojan) UVMax Model E4 can also be equiped with an optional solenoid emergency shut-off kit. For more information on the emergency shut-off kit, CLICK HERE.

UVMax Manual

UVMax Brochure
Model E4 Specifications
Application larger homes
Maximum Flow Rate
22 GPM (83 LPM)
Maximum Flow Rate
16 GPM (60 LPM)
Audible/Visual Lamp
Failure Alarm
No Tools Maintenance
Constant Current Electronic Power Supply
Handy Reference Card
Lamp Timer Display and Reset
Alarm Mute
UV Intensity Monitor optional
Emergency Solenoid Shut-Off Kit optional
Flow Restrictor optional
Water Chamber Material stainless
steel (316)
UV Sleeve Material quartz
Inlet/Oulet 1 inch NPT
Electrical 100-240v, 50/60HZ
Max. Current (AMPS) 0.85
Max. Power (watts) 83
Lamp Power (watts) 70
Lamp Length 25.5"
Chamber Assembly Size 30 x 4"
76 x 10cm
Control Module Size 8.5 x 6"
22 x 15 cm

* For most residential applications, we recommend a UV dose of at least 40 mJ/cm2. Flow rate recommendations are based on 95% UV transmittance (UVT) and after 9,000 hours of bulb operation.

Feed Water Quality Parameters
Iron 0.3 ppm
(0.3 mg/L)
Hardness 120 ppm
(7 grains / gallon)
UV Transmittance (UVT): 75%
Maximum Temperature: 86F (30C)
Maximum Pressure: 125 psi

Options, Accessories and Replacement Parts

Viqua (Trojan) UVMax<br>IHS22-E4

Viqua (Trojan) UVMax

MSRP: US$1895.00
Our Price: US$1279.00
You save: $616

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Sediment Prefilter Package <br>5 Micron - WH1B+-HF

Sediment Prefilter Package
5 Micron - WH1B+-HF

MSRP: US$146.84
Our Price: US$112.95
You save: $33.89

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Solenoid Shut-off <br>Part#:650717-002

Solenoid Shut-off

MSRP: US$625.00
Our Price: US$299.95
You save: $325.05

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Replacement Lamp <br>Part#:602806

Replacement Lamp

MSRP: US$149.00
Our Price: US$109.00
You save: $40

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Replacement Sleeve <br>Part#:602733

Replacement Sleeve

MSRP: US$65.00
Our Price: US$49.00
You save: $16

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Viqua 10 GPM <br>Flow Restrictor

Viqua 10 GPM
Flow Restrictor

MSRP: US$95.00
Our Price: US$49.00
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Viqua 12 GPM <br>Flow Restrictor

Viqua 12 GPM
Flow Restrictor

MSRP: US$95.00
Our Price: US$49.00
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Viqua 15 GPM <br>Flow Restrictor

Viqua 15 GPM
Flow Restrictor

MSRP: US$95.00
Our Price: US$49.00
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UVMax Model E4<br>Replacement Ballast

UVMax Model E4
Replacement Ballast

MSRP: US$585.00
Our Price: US$299.00
You save: $286

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