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AQUAtiva™ Spectra Twin Replacement Parts

Aquativa replacement water filters

Fleck TwinFloSXT (8500) Twin Tank Control Valve - compatible replacement part for AQUAtiva™ Spectra Twin

Replacement parts for the AQUAtiva™ Spectra Twin Whole House Water Filter

The AQUAtiva™ Spectra twin tank water filter utilizes multple media including Chlorigon to reduce chlorine, chloramine, and bad tastes and odors; and an ion-exchange resin to reduce hardness. The system utilizes a the TwinFloSXT (8500) twin meter and control valve made by Fleck to initiate and control backwashing and regeneration cycles. We are pleased to offer replacement valves:

Description / Model Order
Fleck TwinFloSXT Control Valve Fleck TwinFloSXT (8500) Twin Tank Control Valve

Please Note: The 8500 series valve is no longer manufactured. We will provide the new 9100 series replacement valve from the same manufacturer.


  • Uses 100% capacity of the tank in service before switching to the second tank, saving salt and water
  • Rinses away hardness reversion and stagnant water before the stand-by tank comes on line in service
  • Regenerates with soft water, keeping the system clean for optimum operating efficiency and minimum maintenance
  • Regenerates immediately when needed for continuous soft water 24 hours a day
  • Valve delivers continuous soft water
  • Meter-initiated regeneration
  • Super capacitor for keeping time during a power outage

Shipping Included

We have heard many complaints from AQUAtiva™ water filter system owners regarding the high price of original equipment AQUAtiva™ replacement filters. The good news is that the replacement filters and components for AQUAtiva™ whole house water filters, and and reverse osmosis water filter systems are standard sizes, and we have many affordable, high quality replacement cartridges available. In fact, in many cases, our cartridges are the very same filters, made by the same manufacturer as the AQUAtiva™ replacement cartridge, for a fraction of the price! You can rest assured that our compatible replacement filters are of the highest quality - the are made by Pentek Filtration of Wisconsin, USA, the one of world's largest water treatment products manufacturers.

Please note: Our company is not affiliated with AQUAtiva™ or its parent company, Covenant Air & Water LLC, in any way. We are not (and never have been) an AQUAtiva™ dealer and cannot assist you with any warranty or technical problems with your AQUAtiva™ system.

* AQUAtiva is a trademark of Covenant Air & Water, LLC.

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